Desert Color, St. George - Latest News!

As you travel North on I-15, Desert Color is the first stop to welcome you to the beautiful and exciting community in St. George, Utah. Desert Color offers a lifestyle unlike any other. If you’re interested in becoming a future resident or if you’re a visitor looking for a memorable vacation spot, Desert Color will provide a community of adventure and luxury with a strong focus on connecting your life to the outdoors. Read on to discover the activities, amenities, housing, scenery, and more that Desert Color has to offer!

Vacation Rentals

Start your journey with Desert Color at one of their upscale vacation rentals. The Shores Resort sits along the beach of the resort’s blue Lagoon and it offers a large…

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Black Desert Resort

As of May this year there is a new way to enjoy the beauty and grandeur of the Southern Utah area. Black Desert Resort sits between breathtaking red cliffs and beds of lava rock in the bright desert sun. This new resort embodies all of the best elements of Southern Utah. With a state of the art golf course, a pristine resort with a high variety of amenities, fine dining, a luxurious spa, and more - Black Desert Resort provides the best of experiences.

One of a Kind Golf Course

The destination resort golf at Black Desert is a top tier outdoor experience in Utah. The iconic pro golfer and course architect, Tom Weiskopf, created the 19-36 hole, 7,200-yard fairway housed in the red desert. This golf course is designed to allure…

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Youth Aquatics | Cleveland County Family YMCA

The Last Few Weeks of Summer - Activities for Kids

Summertime is one of the best times to be in St. George. There is so much to do, especially for the kids in town. Take advantage of all there is to do this summer before school starts up again in a few weeks!

Sand Hollow Aquatic Center

Looking for a place to cool off from the heat and enjoy some pool time? Sand Hollow Aquatic Center has been a favorite local spot for years and it is the place to go. This very affordable aquatic center has a diving pool as well as a leisure pool. The leisure pool has interactive children’s water toys, a water walk, and water slide. There are ropes to climb, shallow pools, decorative water features, and more. Sand Hollow also offers children’s swimming…

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9 Amazing Southern Utah Charities - Can You Volunteer or Donate?

St. George, Utah is full of opportunities because of the beautiful area and high quality resources. Unfortunately, there are some individuals and families that can’t afford those same opportunities. There are so many living in poverty that rely on donations from community members like you to keep them fed, housed, and safe. There are plenty of charities to give to in the area to help support the individuals and families that need your kind donations.

Habitat for Humanity

Since 1976, Habitat for Humanity has been committed to provide safe and affordable housing for lower income families using your donations. Located on Bluff Street in St. George is a Habitat for Humanity Restore.…

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