Summer home decor is all about shaking off the winter blues and letting in that sunshine. While you don’t need to undergo a whole decorative overhaul each season, a few tweaks and accent pieces can help brighten up your space. Here are some tips to help you brighten up your home this summer.

Bright and Bold

The key to a good summer decor is to focus on bright colors and bold patterns. Swap out your winter pillows and throws with lighter and brighter textiles. Pick out a color scheme, like teal and yellow for example, and stick with it throughout the house. That way, as you shop, you can make sure all your accent pieces match.

Bring the Outside In

Summer is all about spending time outdoors. However, in St. George, the air conditioned indoors is…

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Southern Utah can be especially hot this time of year. While most St. George homes have air conditioning, use these tips to keep cool this summer all around the city!

Plan Ahead

Plan your activities during cooler parts of the day. Work out early in the morning or late into the evening when the sun is down and the air is cooler. Ask your kids’ baseball coach to schedule late evening practices. Plan your indoor activities and errands during the hot afternoons when you can plan on being in air conditioning.

Go to the Theater

There are few cooler places than a movie theater. Check out the latest summer blockbusters and take your family to an air conditioned afternoon in a dark theater. Alternatively, you can take your family to a play, either…

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St. George, Utah is an excellent option for a vacation home! There’s so much to do and see and enjoy. Here are the top 10 reasons to buy a vacation home in St. George:

  1. The Scenery

Southern Utah is one of the most gorgeous regions in the world. The red rock deserts, majestic mountains and deep blue skies gives residents and tourists alike a gorgeous view nearly all the time.

  1. The Weather

Unlike most of Utah, St. George enjoys nice weather almost all year long. It is sunny almost 300 days year, almost never snows, and the average temp is 51-77 degrees. This makes it the perfect place to vacation to no matter what time of year.

  1. Easy Access to Adventure

There is so much to do in the surrounding areas…

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The Utah Shakespeare Festival has been a summer tradition in Southern Utah since 1961. What began as a two week event to entertain tourists has now become a regionally recognized and award-winning theater festival that spans over 4 months and brings in over 130,000 attendees each year. Since this is only a short drive away for St. George residents, it’s worth discovering the joy the event has to offer.

What to Expect from Shakespeare

The outdoor theater used for the festival is modeled after the Globe Theater where Shakespeare first performed his plays. The festival has a budget of over $7 million dollars and provides plenty of entertainment for the whole family.

This year, the Utah Shakespeare Festival will run June 25th through October…

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As the summer heats up, homes in St. George are opening up their pools to family and friends. Swimming pools are fun and refreshing, especially in our desert climate, but they can pose a safety threat if used incorrectly. Take time this summer to establish and enforce safety measures to make sure your pool is safe. Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Proper Pool Security

When no one is swimming, it is important that the pool remain safe and secure so no small children or pets can fall in. Keep a cover secured over the pool, no matter how large or small, whenever no one is swimming. Install a fence around the pool, at least four feet high, to keep anyone from wandering, or falling, in. If you have small children, install door and window…

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According to a report that came out at the end of May, home prices rose in March, especially in the western US, for an average of 4.1% year-over gains. 20 cities in particular experienced growth. This data comes from a survey of the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index. San Francisco and Denver reporter 10% and higher year over gains from 2014.

A report by the United States Census Bureau that came out around the same time said that single-family home sales rose 6.8% in April.

Home prices have gained for 35 month in a row. Reports such as these are beginning to remind people of the housing bubble from 2007.Home rates are currently rising faster than wages and per capita income. Reuters reports isn’t a bad thing, however, and probably a rebound…

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The cost of living in St. George Utah is 91.8% of the national average according to a new report on the first quarter of 2015. The report published by Site Select Plus shows an improvement over 93.8% that was reported at the end of 2014. St. George, Utah is a relatively inexpensive place to live.

Housing was especially low, at 86.6% of the national average.The Spectrum noted that housing costs were over 90% last year. This may be due to more houses being built and for sale.

“We know that the housing market here is robust,” said Scott Hirschi, Site Select Plus Director, in his interview with The Spectrum.  “Contractors are building and people are buying homes, but apparently at a pretty balanced rate.”

This means that home buyers can buy a…

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