Increasing home value is a major concern for homeowners and real estate agents when it is time to sell. One thing you can do to greatly increase your home value is add a fresh coat of paint. A freshly painted home is a great selling point, as long as it is done well and with the right colors. Here are some tips for painting your home to sell.

Exterior - Make it Blend

Even if you liked your home standing out on the block, your buyers may not. It is a good idea to paint the outside of your house to match the rest of the street. A neutral color like white or brown usually works well, but you should make sure it matches the roof and the trim of the rest of your home. A fresh coat of paint on the outside of your home can do wonders for your curb…

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The kitchen is the most utilized room in the house. Everyone in the family converges there to eat, talk, relax, and cook. Unfortunately, this heavy traffic often means an unorganized and disheveled kitchen. Whether you have recently bought a home in St. George, or simply looking to revamp your current home, these tips can help you keep organized.

1. Keep Like Things Together

When you organize your kitchen, you want to keep things that work together in the same place. For example, you want pots, pans and potholders to be near the stove. Keep cereal, cereal bowls, and utensils together in the same area. Think of each section of your kitchen as a workstation, based on what your family uses the kitchen for most. You may have the prep area, cooking…

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When buyers come to look at your home, first impressions are going to mean everything. You want them to feel excited as soon as they pull into your driveway, which is why curb appeal is so important. It’s hard to invest too much time and effort into something into landscaping when you’re about to move away, however. It is important that any investments you make into your home is cost efficient. Here are some landscaping ideas to get you started.

1. Front Door

Have you or one of your neighbors painted your front door and it completely changed the look of the home? A new or freshly painted front door is one of the fastest ways to raise the value of your home. Make sure the color isn’t too bright, but that it matches the rest of the home.


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If you’re looking for some holiday fun in St. George this season, we have put together a list of some of the greatest local traditions. Many of these are annual traditions that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Christmas Light Spectacular

Hedgehog Electric has provided a map of some of the best Christmas light displays in the city. You won’t have to search around anymore! Additionally, they are also donating $1 to Habitat for Humanity for every Facebook “like” they get during the month of December. Go to their Facebook page, find their map, and like their page for some holiday cheer!

Christmas Performances

One of the best ways to celebrate the holiday season is to go see a performance around town. Plays and ballets are a great way to…

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If you haven’t applied for a home loan in the last few years, things may be a little different. The financial crisis and burst housing bubble caused the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to create new housing rules for borrowers and lenders. These rules won’t necessarily make loan approval more difficult, but knowing what to expect before you shop is a good idea. Here are the basics of the new rules.

Ability to Pay

The new rule is sometimes referred to as the “Ability to Pay.” Mainly, this law forces people to prove they can pay for a new home. Instead of just writing down annual salaries, which was sometimes acceptable before, borrowers have to show a proof of income. For those working regular jobs with a weekly or bi-weekly paycheck,…

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If you are a financially-savvy homebuyer, you probably have a budget and an appropriate price range for your home. Beyond the actual price of the home, however, there are other regular costs. One thing many buyers forget about is property taxes. Property taxes can add a significant amount to your monthly costs, so they’re important to remember. Here are some things to know about property taxes.

How much are property taxes?

The rate of property taxes differs from state to state, and even from town to town. In St. George, the property tax rate is approximately 1% of your property’s value. Property value is calculated using the market value of your land and the market value of your home. The value is assessed annually so your property tax can…

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One of the best ways to keep your home values high and reduce repair costs is to have important components of your home undergo annual maintenance checks. It’s hard to keep on top of everything, and necessary repairs can fall through the cracks. When this happens, small inexpensive maintenance checks can turn into big, expensive repairs.To help you keep track of everything, we’ve created a handy list of check ups to do every year. That way, you don’t miss a thing!



Annual electrical maintenance can help you catch problems early and avoid the possibility of fires. Check your outlets and breakers for any scorch marks or other possible damages. If you fear there might be a problem, or if you haven’t seen one in a year or more, call an…

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If you pay attention, you may notice a few more Dixie State University flags and t-shirts around St. George. This increase of paraphernalia is part of a PR campaign by the new university president, Dr. Richard “Biff” Williams, to try to involve St. George in the Dixie school spirit.

Dr. Williams’ goal is to “create an engagement between the university and the community that is unmatched anywhere else in the country.” as reported by The Spectrum.

While Dixie State has been around since 1911, St. George hasn’t really embraced the college town feel like its Utah counterparts in Provo and Logan have. There are many reasons to embrace school spirit and enjoy the perks of a nearby university. Here are a few reasons St. George residents can benefit…

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Have you been hearing about how to make your home more energy efficient? Energy efficient homes are good for the environment and cheaper to maintain. If you are renovating, building, or buying a home in St. George you may be curious how so many people are reducing their energy bills. Here are four ways you can incorporate energy efficiency techniques in your home.

Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat can save you money on heating and cooling. Products, like the Nest, learn your habits, schedules, and the weather forecast to adjust the temperature of your home accordingly. This means you only have to pay for heating and cooling when people are home.

Spray Insulation

Insulation is one of the keys to energy efficiency. The greatest energy cost in…

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A real estate transaction is one of the most important life and business decisions you will probably ever make. Even so, the process is often foreign to people, especially first time home buyers. The proper etiquette - how to dress, act, and behave - is important to keep in mind when viewing and selling homes. Here are some tips for how to present yourself during a real estate transaction.


  1. First Impressions

Whenever you look at a house, put your best, most friendly foot forward. There’s a chance you may never meet the current homeowners. Just in case you do, looking nice isn’t a bad idea.They inevitably will picture you in their home, with their neighbors, meeting their friends. Do what you can to show that you would be a great person…

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