Most people realize that owning a home is an investment, but less realize it is an investment that you can keep adding to. Home upkeep and renovations can add serious value to your real estate when it comes time to sell. Below are a few investments you can start making in your home.

Basement Remodel

Most basements, especially in older homes, come unfinished. Finishing the basement can greatly add to the amount of living space in your home—all without actually adding onto your home. Adding an entertainment room is a popular option right now that will also add fun to your home.

One thing you may want to look out for when remodeling a basement is flooding issues. Getting an expert to check it out before you begin construction can save you from…

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Children and adults love Fiesta Fun.   Fiesta Fun is a family fun center right here in St. George, Utah.   If you want to play arcade games or lazer tag, you can do it at Fiesta Fun.  It you want to ride go karts or bumper boats, you can ride them at Fiesta Fun.  If you want to bowl, mini golf or bat in cages, Fiesta Fun is the place to do it.  The lazer tag arena at Fiesta Fun is the largest in southern Utah and is 2-stories high.  You can even view what is happening in the lazer tag arena from a viewing area.  There are 20 bowling lanes.  If you want a private area to bowl you can reserve the B Lounge at Fiesta Fun where you have 4 private lanes, personal music hookups and a private restroom.  This is perfect for a large group. 

Fiesta Fun also…

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What a wonderful surprise!  My parents invited me to breakfast and surprised me by driving to Hurricane, Utah. Hurricane is about 19 miles from St. George.  There we came upon an eclectic, fun café located at 138 South Main Street.  The outside is fun and inviting.  The inside is colorful and has art from artists in the area displayed on the walls.  There is a great patio area too.  There are fun quotes on the walls.  There is a welcoming feeling when you walk in the door. 

The atmosphere is great, but the food is fabulous.  We were there for breakfast and the menu was expansive with all the right breakfast foods.  Their pancakes, French toast, eggs, breakfast potatoes, oatmeal and fruit were delicious.  Their bacon is the best bacon I have ever…

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After attending many conferences and events at the Dixie Convention Center, I finally had the chance to visit the Rosenbruch Wildlife Museum.  The museum is located right in the convention center, with easy access to and from I-15.  The address is 1835 South Convention Center Drive, St. George, Utah. 

When you enter the museum you are given your own individual electronic wand that narrates for you and gives explanations of all of the exhibits.  The museum displays wildlife from every continent.  There are over 300 animals on display in their wildlife habitat.  You go from the savannahs of Africa, to the forest and jungles of South America, to the mountains of Asia and North America.  There is also an insect exhibit that just opened recently. …

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This fall, there will be another flight option for St. George area residents. SkyWest announced Tuesday that beginning October 6, it will start round-trip flights to Los Angeles.

This is exciting news as it opens up more opportunities for tourism in the St. George area, and gives locals a fast and easy way to Los Angeles and all it has to offer.

The flight will depart once a day from St. George Regional Airport at 6:40 a.m. and leave Los Angeles at 7:30 p.m. The flight will take about 90 minutes.

In a statement SkyWest president and CEO, Chip Childs said, "With access to a fourth major airline hub at LAX, we've opened the West Coast and beyond for St. George travelers. In short, no matter which direction you're headed, we've got you…

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I came across these 10 Must-Do Move-In Tasks published by Lowes.  Even though I have been in my new St. George home for four months now, it was a good checklist of things to go over.  So whether you are moving into a new home or a pre-owned home, check these things out and see what you need to do. 

Here are the 10 House Checklist Must-Do Move-In Tasks:

  1.        Change locks.  Play it safe and have your locks changed just in case there are other existing keys out there.

  2.        Reprogram the garage door opener.  It’s better to be safe than sorry.  You can contact the manufacturer or go online to find steps.   

  3.        Locate the water shutoff.  Find the main water shutoff as well as all…

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After my last blog post about choosing the right color for selling a home, I thought it might be helpful to share a few tips for staging your home to sell. As much as we like to think that everyone loves our decorating style, your style might hinder a potential buyer who has a very different vision for their home. Staging your home in the right way can make your home look like a real possibility for more potential buyers. Here are a few tips:

  1.        Declutter

 You may love your odds and ends, but they can distract from the home. Be sure to remove anything that isn’t necessary such as trinkets, storage boxes, junk, or unused items. Simply putting them in the attic or a storage unit should be good enough. Getting rid of extra things…

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As a newly retired, new member, of the St. George community, I looked around at my new surroundings and realized that I need to play golf.  There are so many beautiful courses in Southern Utah with many of them right here in St. George.   My husband has been asking me to join him for several years and now that I am retired I don’t have any excuses.   

I began researching what I need to know to take up golf.   I found this article from Golf Digest to be extremely helpful:  Golf Beginner’s Guide:  So You Want to Play Golf. 

I also read some articles online about how golf:

  •          Is fun
  •          Is a game for all ages
  •          Helps you stay fit
  •          Is not a pressure sport
  •          Is a great motivator
  •          Can be…

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Selling a house is no easy task. From finding a realtor you can trust to getting the house ready for its future owners, it is a lot to handle. On top of it all, you want to make sure you are getting the biggest profit possible from your current house. Did you know color can have a significant effect on the value of a home?

White bathrooms can leave owners making $4,000 under value, while blue bathrooms can bump up the value to $5,400 over value. Color matters. So, how do you know the right color to choose? And how much is too much? 

Here are five paint color tips for selling a house.

1. Decorate Like a Buyer, Not an Owner

This is tip number one for good reason. Many home owners sell their house in a way that still shows their influence.…

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Everywhere you go these days you see succulents.  I recently moved to St. George and I was looking for a fun new hobby for a new retiree.  I needed some plants to decorate my new home and I also needed some plants that would work in our backyard pots.  I was introduced to succulents at the Farmer’s Market in Ancestor Square where they were being sold.  I saw more succulents on Pinterest, at the Art Village in Kayenta and at the Saturday Market at Tuacahn.  I decided I wanted to plant my own and set out to find some to purchase.  There were several places online to buy, but I was worried about how they would be delivered to me through the mail.  I started looking for succulents and seemed to find them everywhere…Star Nursery, Lowes, Home Depot, and…

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