Find out why thousands of people make St. George, Utah their home.

Ironman in St. George, Utah

This Friday, May 6, 2023 St. George, Utah will host the iconic Ironman race. The Ironman is a rigorous triathlon for the most elite athletes from all over the world. It takes place in different cities and states all around the U.S. The Ironman has been a part of the St. George community since 2009 and it takes place biannually, both in the Spring and Fall. It’s always an exhilarating experience for both the racers and locals. In September 2021, St George hosted the Ironman 70.3 World Championship, as well as the Ironman World Championship on May 7, 2022 and the Ironman 70.3 World Championship October of 2022. This means Greater Zion has hosted three Ironman championships in 13 months, which is an accomplishment that had…

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Exciting News in St. George: Part 2

There are some exciting new things coming to St. George, Utah this Spring. Businesses are expanding, areas are growing, and new attractions are coming to town. Check out some of the new announcements to see what to look forward to in St. George!

New City Hall

St. George’s new City Hall is officially in the works! The land just across from Town Square has been purchased and is currently being prepared for construction. The old building will be an expansion of the police building. Hoping to have more info soon! 

New Fire Station HQ

A brand new fire station HQ is officially in the works as well with the city! The church on the corner of 400 E. and 100 S. was demolished and the new station is set to go there.…

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Exciting News in St. George: Part 1

Did you know that St. George, Utah is one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S? It’s constantly expanding with new updates and additions. There are some exciting new restaurants and eateries that are coming to town. Check out the list!

Pica Rica BBQ

Pica Rica BBQ opens April 20, 2023! It is located Downtown where 25 Main was on Main St. This restaurant combines the delicious tastes of American and Mexican barbeque. Here you can taste the savory and smoky flavors of brisket, ribs, pork and more. This dynamic Americanana barbeque spot should hopefully be open sometime in the next month!

Food Truck Park

If you’re a fan of food trucks you’re in luck because the Bluff St. food truck park is getting 2 new…

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The Shoppes at Zion

Spring is now officially in the air which means it’s a time for new beginnings. What better way to enjoy the warmer weather than at St. George’s outdoor shopping mall, The Shoppes at Zion. It’s conveniently located right off highway I-15. This metropolitan shopping center offers a collection of over 30 boutiques, chain stores, and restaurants. You can experience a day shopping with family and friends in the beautiful desert of St. George.

 Clothing Stores and Boutiques

This open air outlet center is a must visit. There’s so much to do and each store is closely located for your convenience. You can find Eddie Bauer, Hope Avenue, Levi’s, Rue21, Runway Fashion Exchange, Famous Footwear, Sunglass Hut, Del Sol Color Change and more…

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What To Do This Easter in Southern Utah

The flowers are blooming, spring is in the air, and the Easter Bunny is on his way. Everyone is looking forward to the joyful Easter traditions of egg hunts, good food, warm weather, and enjoying time with family and friends. If you’re looking for something new to do with the family this weekend, there is plenty to participate in in St. George Utah. 

Easter Events and Egg Hunts

What better way to celebrate Easter than to go on an egg hunt? If you’re in the St. George area and you’re looking for a good hunt for some candy filled eggs, you’re in luck. There are a number of different egg hunt events for kids going on in town this weekend. Stucki Farms Easter Event will have plenty of fun activities to enjoy on…

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Red Cliffs Mall In St George, Utah

The city of St. George is constantly expanding and getting bigger and better every day. There are so many things to do and see in this authentic town with even more to come. Red Cliffs Mall has been a part of the St. George Community for years, but it is now being renovated for expansion. You can find some of your favorite places to shop there and with the new additions it will be the perfect hang out spot for those of all ages.

Red Cliffs Mall, since 1990, has been the only indoor and large-scale shopping center in Southern Utah between Northern Utah and Las Vegas. Some of the retail stores included in the building are H&M, LuluLemon, Pacsun, Bohme, Victoria’s Secret, Tilly’s, and Journey’s. Other favorites of…

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Museums to Visit in St. George, Utah

St. George, Utah is a historic place with many stories to tell. There is so much to see and learn within the red rock mountains of Southern Utah. There are a number of innovative and interesting museums to visit as well. Museums filled with nature, art, artifacts - there’s no limit to what you can observe and explore. Check out our list of some of the most notable museums in town.

St. George Art Museum

The St. George Art Museum showcases various art pieces of locals as well as famous works from national and international artists. Located in historic St. George, in the downtown area of town, you can visit this fascinating and inspiring museum. You can see the galleries and exhibits of art from every culture and…

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Best Gyms in Southern Utah

Southern Utah is a great place to live.. There are so many fun activities to do, delicious places to eat, and amazing ways to spend your time. There are a variety of  gyms in Southern Utah that can help you live your best and healthiest life. Whether you’re training for something big or just trying to stay in shape, the gyms in St. George will help you reach your goals.  The area has a wide variety of gyms to choose from, so you can find the perfect fit.

VASA Fitness

VASA Fitness is located in the heart of St. George, right next to the Red Cliffs Mall on Mall Drive. This gym offers you a comfortable and friendly gym atmosphere and community, various high-quality equipment, and a number of unique club amenities. At VASA…

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Best Yoga Studios in St. George

During the winter months, life can sometimes feel stressful and gloomy. What better way to remedy those feelings than a calming and fulfilling Yoga class. The Yoga studios in Southern Utah have professional instructors that will guide you through each exercise as you strengthen your core, increase your flexibility, and find personal serenity. Check out the list, so you can find the best studio for you!

Sun Rock Yoga

Sun Rock Yoga has been voted best yoga studio in Southern Utah for 4 years in a row! With skillful instructors, serene and comfortable exercise spaces, and a number of class options, you can really dig deep and grow on your yoga journey. A number of yoga, pilates, and barre classes are offered at Sun…

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St. George Musical Theatre 2023 Season

Calling all theater fans in Southern Utah! St. George Musical Theatre’s 2023 season has an amazing lineup with shows you will not want to miss. In an intimate and comfortable theater space with an electric atmosphere, you can soak in the magic of the theater with SGMT. Check out their show line up for this year!

Catch me if you can 

The next musical that will be showing in the SGMT theater is Catch Me If You Can. It's a show based on the real life story of Frank Abagnale and how he used genius deception to become a doctor, lawyer, and co-pilot all before the age of 18. As one of the most successful bank robbers, he runs away from the FBI and recreates his identity numerous times. The extravagant dancing and…

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