Finding perfect luxury homes can be difficult, and at times can feel impossible. Because it is so rare an occurrence for people, and due to all of the rules and regulations, taxes and fees, most people have no idea how to buy real estate. When you are interested in the housing market and looking at homes for sale, a real estate agent can be an invaluable asset.

A real estate agent can keep things real and honest for you. They will provide full disclosure and walk you through the process, explaining everything. Be sure to find the right real estate agent who will do more than help you locate luxury homes and take care of the confusing paperwork for you. It should be empowering and a learning experience.

The process starts with introductions to your agent, to…

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Did you know that mortgage rates are at historic lows? This is all thanks to the Federal Reserve's unprecedented maneuvers to stimulate economic growth. If you've been thinking about it, then know that now is the right time to get into Utah real estate. 

St. George is one particular area with a lot of real estate that's worth investment. It's a city located in the southwestern part of Utah, right on the border of Arizona, and the county seat of Washington County. It's pleasantly populated, with (according to the 2012 U.S. Census Bureau) a population of 75,561. Plus, there is plenty of great golf real estate  in St. George. The majority of golf properties in the U.S. are homes, town homes, and condos, and all are marked at astoundingly affordable rates. The…

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