Increasing home value is a major concern for homeowners and real estate agents when it is time to sell. One thing you can do to greatly increase your home value is add a fresh coat of paint. A freshly painted home is a great selling point, as long as it is done well and with the right colors. Here are some tips for painting your home to sell.

Exterior - Make it Blend

Even if you liked your home standing out on the block, your buyers may not. It is a good idea to paint the outside of your house to match the rest of the street. A neutral color like white or brown usually works well, but you should make sure it matches the roof and the trim of the rest of your home. A fresh coat of paint on the outside of your home can do wonders for your curb appeal.

Front Door and Exterior Trim

A new front door is one of the quickest ways to a home value increase. If you don’t want to completely replace the door, though, a new paint job is a good substitute. Keep your door and trim fairly neutral and avoid bright colors. A color may be a good idea if it fits the style of the home and is fairly dark. Deep red is very different fire engine red. Bright colors can be off putting for more conservative home buyers.

Inside Color

Remember, buyers are looking for paint colors that could match their existing furniture and decorations. You do not want a bright purple wall or dark blue room to be a turn off. Another common deterrent is busy wallpaper. That is why it is important to keep the inside of the home neutral. Stick with a tan, brown, or gray color. Stay away from white, as it tends to feel cold and off-putting. Warm, neutral tones are your best bet.

Inside Sheen

When you go to buy paint, you won’t only decide on the color, but the sheen. While sheen means how shiny the paint is, it also affects how durable the paint job is and how forgiving it is of mistakes. The higher the gloss, the higher the durability. High gloss is shiny and lasts longer, but shows more mistakes. Flat or matte walls do a good job of covering up mistakes and blemishes, but aren’t as durable. A good fit for selling your home will be somewhere in the middle. You don’t want your paint job to chip before your buyers even have a chance to look at it, but super shiny walls can be offputting and show possible blemishes. Eggshell finishes do a good job of covering up painting mistakes while also remaining pretty durable.

Ceiling and Trim

Painting all the walls in the room won’t mean much if the trim or ceiling paint is chipping. A deep white trim with a neutral wall color is usually a good idea. Find another neutral color for the ceiling that works well with the wall color.

When you paint your home, remember to keep it neutral. You want your buyers to be able to imagine themselves in the space, and this means avoiding bright colors that won’t fit well with many personality types. Talk to your real estate agent about the best colors and paints for your home

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