One of the best ways to keep your home values high and reduce repair costs is to have important components of your home undergo annual maintenance checks. It’s hard to keep on top of everything, and necessary repairs can fall through the cracks. When this happens, small inexpensive maintenance checks can turn into big, expensive repairs.To help you keep track of everything, we’ve created a handy list of check ups to do every year. That way, you don’t miss a thing!



Annual electrical maintenance can help you catch problems early and avoid the possibility of fires. Check your outlets and breakers for any scorch marks or other possible damages. If you fear there might be a problem, or if you haven’t seen one in a year or more, call an electrician to perform a regular maintenance check.

HVAC System

Every year, you should call an HVAC specialist to inspect your system, change filters, and make sure there are no problems. Especially in St. George, where we have to run our air conditioners for a better part of the year, HVAC maintenance is important. You also need to drain your water heater every year to remove sediment buildup, and many HVAC specialists can help with this and inspect your water heater while they’re there.

Pest Control

Every spring, call a pest control specialist to spray your home. They can remove any current pests and guard your home against further infestations. Many companies have annual or semi-annual care packages.


At least once every few months or so you should deep clean everything in your house. This includes your air vents and the coils on your refrigerator. Both of these things will better your air quality and reduce your energy bills. Every year, you should call a carpet cleaner to clean floors and upholstery so dirt and grime doesn’t make a permanent home in your home.


Without you realizing it, a few shingles in your roof may be cracked or damaged. Minor shingle replacements and repairs is not expensive, but if they go unaddressed they can turn into serious roofing damage, leaks, and water damage. Call a roofing inspector to maintain your roof to reduce the needs for serious repairs later.

Regular home maintenance is a large responsibility of the home owner. Staying on top of maintenance can increase your home’s value and decrease repair costs. Keep maintenance costs and tasks in mind when searching through St. George real estate.

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