A real estate transaction is one of the most important life and business decisions you will probably ever make. Even so, the process is often foreign to people, especially first time home buyers. The proper etiquette - how to dress, act, and behave - is important to keep in mind when viewing and selling homes. Here are some tips for how to present yourself during a real estate transaction.


  1. First Impressions

Whenever you look at a house, put your best, most friendly foot forward. There’s a chance you may never meet the current homeowners. Just in case you do, looking nice isn’t a bad idea.They inevitably will picture you in their home, with their neighbors, meeting their friends. Do what you can to show that you would be a great person to take over their beloved home.

  1. Be Prepared

Knowing what you want before you go shopping is important. Create a priority list and a “deal breaker” list. Share this list with your realtor and discuss what you may be willing to compromise on. Having a good idea of what you want before you go will help you look at homes more critically and not waste anyone’s time. This brings us to the third point.

  1. Respect People’s Time

Hunting for a home can be stressful. Realtors and sellers understand the pressure you are under. Don’t use that as an excuse to disrespect people and their time. Most home-buyers have full time jobs, which makes nights and weekends the best time to house hunt. Keeping your realtor out every night isn’t exactly fair, however, and homeowners don’t always love it either. Respect the time of those involved.



  1. Presentation

As the seller, you want to look like someone who would take care of their house. Again, sellers don’t always meet potential buyers, but you want to put your best self forward. If you or your home look sloppy it can turn off potential buyers. Make everything as neat as possible.

  1. Make Your Home Inviting

Your real estate agent will help you best know how to do this, but you need to stage your home. Leaving too many personal belonging out during an open house or showing can make it difficult for potential buyers to see themselves in the space. Put forth a strong effort to make your home a clean slate.

  1. Only Work Through Your Real Estate Agent

Occasionally, unassuming people may drop by your home and want to look around without an appointment. While this may seem innocent, it’s better to redirect them to your realtor. Sometimes, people will try to drop by to cut the realtor out of the deal. It can make for a complicated and messy sale. If someone contacts you, give them your realtor’s card and ask them to come back later. It is the best way to handle a home transaction.

Keep these tips in mind as you shop for real estate in St. George. They can help you get along better with others in the process and improve the experience over all. Good luck buying or selling your home!

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