The kitchen is the most utilized room in the house. Everyone in the family converges there to eat, talk, relax, and cook. Unfortunately, this heavy traffic often means an unorganized and disheveled kitchen. Whether you have recently bought a home in St. George, or simply looking to revamp your current home, these tips can help you keep organized.

1. Keep Like Things Together

When you organize your kitchen, you want to keep things that work together in the same place. For example, you want pots, pans and potholders to be near the stove. Keep cereal, cereal bowls, and utensils together in the same area. Think of each section of your kitchen as a workstation, based on what your family uses the kitchen for most. You may have the prep area, cooking area, and serving area, for example. Keep everything together for the quickest and most efficient use of your kitchen space.

2. Remove Items from Counters

Too many things on the counter looks cluttered and messy. Try to get utensils, knives, cutting boards, etc. off the counter, and find a permanent storage place somewhere else. If you can fit your toaster and microwave in a cupboard space, this is even better. The less things you store on the counter, the more room you will have for cooking, preparing and eating. Plus, it’s much easier to tell what you need to clean up when the counters are typically clear.

3. Plastic Canisters

Some of the messiest kitchen items are those used for baking - flour, sugar, baking soda, etc. Instead of storing these things in their original bags and packaging, buy some plastic storage containers with lids. These will make your ingredients fit nicely into a drawer or in a cupboard. These plastic containers work well for storing dried fruit, nuts, granola and other snacks as well. When the containers are all the same size and shape, you have a much easier time finding what you need and fitting everything together.

4. Spice Rack

Spices also seem to cause an organizing headache. You need so many for all your recipes and the one you want is somehow always in the back. Find a spice rack system that works for you. This can be either a small lazy suan, or a set of small shelves. Whichever you choose, make sure it fits in your cupboard and makes finding your spices easy.

5. Inside Cupboard Doors

While you may open your cupboard to see the shelves, the inside of cupboard doors make great storage spaces as well. With a few hooks you can hang measuring cups, measuring spoons, large utensils, cheese grater, etc. Keep in mind, this will eat up a little shelving space, but it could work great if you have deep shelves.

6. Use Organizing Racks

Organizing racks meant for other uses are great in the kitchen. Magazine racks make a great place to store cookie sheets. CD organizers can be perfect for pesky tupperware lids. Desk organizers are also good for serving platters and cookie sheets as well. Look around your home at different organizing items and try them in the kitchen.

7. Magnets

If you’re running out of space in the drawers and cupboards, try adding some magnets to items and placing them on the fridge. This works great for items like tin foil, saran wrap, and plastic bags. Magnets work well with metal tea canisters as well.

With a little ingenuity, creativity, and hard work you can have an amazingly organized kitchen in no time. Try this tips to fix up your home and make it cooking ready!



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