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While some people go their whole lives without ever meeting their neighbors, this doesn’t have to be the case with you. You and your neighbors can have a mutually beneficial relationship. Whether you’re new to the area, or have lived in the neighborhood for years, use these tips to get along with your neighbors.

Be Considerate

The first step to having a good relationship with your neighbors is to be a good neighbor yourself. Don’t play music loud or be noisy, especially at night. Keep your yard clean and well maintained. If you have dogs, make sure they don’t bark excessively, especially late at night. Your behavior can be a good example of what it means to be a good neighbor. Remember the Golden Rule: “Treat others how you want to be treated.”

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With real estate prices, trends and laws constantly in the news, there is a lot of misinformation floating around. Real estate myths spread like wildfire and not doing your proper homework could cost you. Here are six real estate myths to clear up.

Selling a Home Yourself Saves You Money

Some people might think that they can save money by selling a home themselves and saving on a real estate agent’s commission. As shown in another blog post, this is not the case. Sellers who use a real estate agent almost always make more money than those who try to go it alone. Even after paying a real estate agent’s commision, you are still more likely to walk away with more money.

When Selling, You Don’t need to Stage Your Home

You may think it’s enough

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The Utah State legislature is currently in the middle of their 2015 session, and one of the big issues is clean air, again. While St. George and surrounding Southern Utah don’t deal with the inversion and pollution that’s such an issue in Salt Lake City, DSU Sustainability Club President would like the region to be proactive in its fight against pollution.

How St. George Residents Can Reduce Pollution

Last Saturday, the DSU Sustainability club held a rally on campus to accompany similar rallies going on around the state. Anderson told St. George News that he hopes DSU students and St. George residents can implement greener habits. “If we get more students riding bikes than using cars,” he told St. George News, “that’s helping the air.”

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When selling your home, keep in mind that there are many different factors that contribute to the resale value. A recent study shows that one business, one coffee house in particular, is increasing property values of the homes around it.

And yes, that coffee house is Starbucks.

A recent study printed in the book, Zillow Talk: The New Rules of Real Estate by Spencer Rascoff and Stan Humphries, explains how Starbucks is affecting the real estate market. While homes have appreciated by an average of 65% since 1997, homes near Starbucks have appreciated by 96%. To compare, homes near Dunkin Donuts appreciated by 80%, which is still better than the national average, but not as fast as Starbucks. Home prices near Starbucks have recovered more quickly

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New technology and internet companies are quickly taking the place of everyday services. Hotels, taxis, and car dealers have to compete with sites such as Airbnb and Uber. Can real estate agents also be replaced by the latest app or website? Does the internet make it easy enough to sell and buy a home without representation? Not necessarily. In fact, trying to go it alone can cost you a lot of money and add unnecessary work and stress to your real estate transaction. Here are reasons why you should still work with a real estate agent.

Knowledge of the Area

A quick Google search may make you feel like you know all the real estate options in St. George, but this is never the case. New homes are going onsale all the time, and people who try to look

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A recent article in the New York Times argued it was time to refinance your mortgage since interest haven fallen to their lowest point in years.

“The average rate on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage was 3.8 percent at the end of last week. That is down from 4.5 percent as recently as last spring, the lowest since May 2013 and far below the 5 percent-plus rates that prevailed as recently as early 2011.”

Is it a good time to refinance your mortgage? Is that always a good decision? Here are some things you need to know about refinancing your mortgage.

How Does Refinancing Work?

Refinancing your mortgage mean you effectively pay down your current mortgage and take out a new one with a new interest rate. As the New York Times article points

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If it is your first time buying a home in St. George, one of your most important relationships is with your real estate agent. We want to make your house hunting experience a positive one, so we’ve provided some tips for working with a real estate agent. Use these to find the best house that’s right for you!

Be Honest

When you first begin working with a real estate agent, be honest about your expectations. Let them know what your priorities are and where you are willing to compromise. Be honest about your price range and let them know how flexible your budget is. The more information your real estate agent has, the more they can better serve you. If you don’t like a house or a listing, let them know. Be honest and be specific about what you

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In our recent blog posts, we have discussed how St. George is growing and recovering from the economic recession. Better home prices and more qualified home buyers are good signs. News coming out of last week’s St. George city council meeting signals the potential for more growth as well.

New Plan at Mall Drive Bride

A plan was approved to develop commercial real estate around Mall Drive Bridge according to a recent article in The Spectrum.

“The St. George City Council approved a scaled-back request to change its general plan on Thursday to accommodate plans for commercial development along the south sides of the intersection of Mall Drive and 3000 East.” reported the Spectrum.

The original plan was to include 121 acres of land, but that

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If you are involved in St. George’s business community, you can’t miss out on the different resources offered by Dixie Business Resource Center. Their different classes and opportunities are meant to help members of the business. Here are 4 reasons to check out Dixie State’s Small Business Resource center.

Business Classes

Dixie State University offers short-term classes on business technology, accounting and grad school prep. These classes are open to students as well as the public. In a recent interview with St. George News, Dr. Kyle Wells, the Dean of the Udvar-Hazy School of business said,  “Past graduates are getting jobs that require additional skills in information technology. We are responding with a few key courses with plans to expand

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A recent article in The Spectrum reported that St. George real estate is continuing to improve after the recession. People who had to give up homes and leave the market are now in a position to purchase real estate again and get out of rental properties.

Rental Properties

After the housing bubble burst in 2015, many people lost their homes and moved into rental properties. Because St. George doesn’t have a lot of rental properties, a shortage in St. George has driven up the price of rent. This could change as bank regulations loosen and people become emotionally ready to purchase a home again. St. George hopes to see more purchasing and less renting in 2015.

St. George Demographic

The largest demographic group moving to St. George has been

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