Mystery Escape Room in St. George

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I have heard about Mystery Escape Rooms and always have wanted to try one.  They can be found all around the world, but we have one right here in Ancestor Square in St. George, Utah.  I invited my family and we started investigating the three rooms available in St. George.

King Arthur’s Quest for Knighthood

In this room participants solve clues, puzzles and challenges to be able to pull King Arthur’s sword, Excalibur, from the stone.  Participants who are brave and honorable become Knights of King Arthur.  Those who are unable to pull the sword from the stone, in one hour, will be locked in the gallery for the rest of their lives.  This room has a 38% success rate.

Private Eye – A Murder Mystery

Participants of this mystery room arrive at a murder scene and must uncover three things:  Who did it? Why? And How?  If you do not solve the crime in one hour, a policeman will show up and catch you there with all the evidence and pin you for the crime!  This room has a 38% success rate.

EnTwained:  Mysterious Mark Twain

In this room participants find Samuel Clemens’ WILL.   He describes a treasure that has been hidden and if you are clever enough to find it, it is yours!  You have one hour to find the treasure.  This room has a 25% success rate.

We decided we wanted to participate in the hardest room.  We signed up to be Entwained, paid $25 each and willingly allowed ourselves to be locked in the Mystery Room.  I was a little bit nervous to do this with my family because we are all very loud, strong-willed and we don’t listen to each other very well. 

It was amazing and so much fun!  We solved puzzles, helped each other with clues, asked each other for help, yelled at each other, found numbers to open locks, painted a white picket fence, and all the while we were very aware of the time.  We worked as a team and were on a mission to find the treasure.   We solved the numerous clues and puzzles and with 8 minutes left, when we solved the final clue, a treasure arrived and the door to the Mystery Room opened.   

We had our photo taken and posted on the Wall of Fame, for those who successfully participate in a Mystery Room.  We left Ancestor Square laughing and talked about our Mark Twain adventure several times after the night.

J.R. as Mark Twain

Live life to the fullest with no regrets!

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