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As a newly retired, new member, of the St. George community, I looked around at my new surroundings and realized that I need to play golf.  There are so many beautiful courses in Southern Utah with many of them right here in St. George.   My husband has been asking me to join him for several years and now that I am retired I don’t have any excuses.   

I began researching what I need to know to take up golf.   I found this article from Golf Digest to be extremely helpful:  Golf Beginner’s Guide:  So You Want to Play Golf

I also read some articles online about how golf:

  •          Is fun
  •          Is a game for all ages
  •          Helps you stay fit
  •          Is not a pressure sport
  •          Is a great motivator
  •          Can be played your own way

I already have the golf clubs, that have only been used a dozen times - a present from my husband several years ago.  I had the shoes, complete with metal spikes, that I loved to wear because I sounded like I was tap dancing, but I was told I could no longer wear them on a golf course, a sad day for me.  I bought new golf balls with a retirement gift certificate from my friends and went to the golf range to hit some balls.

After an hour at the range I decided GOLF IS HARD.  I was told that you have to practice and play to become better.  I hit some great shots and felt like I was a pretty good golfer, only to hit 15 bad shots afterwards.  After a few sessions at the range, I told my husband I would join him for a game of golf, instead of going for my usual Trail Tuesday hike.  I also told him I had a new commitment to become a golfer.  

We played the beautiful Sunbrook Course.  I managed to be fairly positive for about six holes and then was exhausted.  After six holes I decided GOLF TAKES A LOT OF ENERGY.  I thought that I would walk the course, but we ended up getting a cart.  I was so grateful to have the cart.  I need to practice, get fit and build up stamina to become a golfer. 

On the 9th hole, I hit the most beautiful shot, uphill, right onto the green, within three feet of the hole.  It didn’t matter that it had taken me five shots already to get there.  I putted the ball in for a seven and heard myself say “I LOVE GOLF!” 

Golf Courses in St. George:

St. George



Dixie Red Hills  


Bloomington Country Club

Entrada at Snow Canyon

The Ledges

Green Springs

Coral Canyon

Sand Hollow

Live life to the fullest with no regrets!



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