Succulents in St. George

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Everywhere you go these days you see succulents.  I recently moved to St. George and I was looking for a fun new hobby for a new retiree.  I needed some plants to decorate my new home and I also needed some plants that would work in our backyard pots.  I was introduced to succulents at the Farmer’s Market in Ancestor Square where they were being sold.  I saw more succulents on Pinterest, at the Art Village in Kayenta and at the Saturday Market at Tuacahn.  I decided I wanted to plant my own and set out to find some to purchase.  There were several places online to buy, but I was worried about how they would be delivered to me through the mail.  I started looking for succulents and seemed to find them everywhere…Star Nursery, Lowes, Home Depot, and even Smith’s. 

I learned all that I could about succulents from a wonderful elderly gentleman at the Star Nursery.   Southern Utah is the perfect place to plant succulents because of the hot, dry climate.  He told me that succulents should not be confused with cactus.  Nearly all cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti.  Succulents are sometimes known as water storage plants because they retain water really well.  They are thought of as drought resistant plants.  I think that they are some of the most beautiful plants you can find. 


For my indoor plants I started by purchasing glass containers to put them in.  When I saw succulents being sold at markets and online, some of the containers had rocks in the bottom.  So I put rocks in the bottom of the containers, then potting soil and then planted my succulents.  I was warned not to over water the plants because they only need a tiny bit of water each week.  I have these plants throughout my house now.  


I chose larger succulents for my pots that are outside in our backyard.  The fun part of this is choosing from the numerous kinds of succulents.  I had to adjust how much water they get so that I don't over water the ones in the pots outside.  

Now I look for succulents everywhere I go.  I have expanded and planted more throughout my home and have more pots in my backyard.  I was cautioned by someone at a Farmer’s Market when I told her I was starting to plant succulents, she said “That is a dangerous hobby because you can never stop once you start.”  I have found this to be true.  If you want a fun project and some decoration for your home or yard, I would encourage you to plant some succulents.  Choose the ones you love and they will make you smile whenever you see them.

Live life to the fullest with no regrets!      

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