5 Fool-Proof Paint Color Tips for Selling a House

Posted by on Tuesday, July 25th, 2017 at 6:17am.

Selling a house is no easy task. From finding a realtor you can trust to getting the house ready for its future owners, it is a lot to handle. On top of it all, you want to make sure you are getting the biggest profit possible from your current house. Did you know color can have a significant effect on the value of a home?

White bathrooms can leave owners making $4,000 under value, while blue bathrooms can bump up the value to $5,400 over value. Color matters. So, how do you know the right color to choose? And how much is too much? 

Here are five paint color tips for selling a house.

1. Decorate Like a Buyer, Not an Owner

This is tip number one for good reason. Many home owners sell their house in a way that still shows their influence. Yet, the key in any part of the process to selling a house is to think like the buyer.

Start by researching your area to see what color schemes have helped other owners sell. This gives you an idea of the opportunities in your home. 

2. Consider the Lighting 

Opportunity calls for action. While considering the shades you want to pick up at the paint store, there are a couple things back at home to keep in mind.  

Your home has various kinds of lighting from different bulbs to natural light from windows. Incandescent and fluorescent bulbs can affect the color on the wall. If dealing with an area that receives plenty of natural light, consider how the time of day will alter the space. 

Do not fall in love with a shade at the store and expect it to look the same on your wall. The best thing to do here is paint sample colors on large sheets of paper to see how they work with the room. 

3. Shades Matter 

Sample spots serve a bigger purpose than how they interact with the light.

The new color will interact with the whole feeling of the room, including the fixed furnishings. Did you consider the granite counter in the kitchen? Or the wood floors in the living room? Can you see the new color bringing everything together? 

Pay attention to the undertones on the wall and how they interact with everything. Sometimes, a light hint of blue or green can be enhanced from something else in the room. Make sure it all fits before you commit.  

4. Keep it Simple

Neutral is in. 

From a dove or light-grey living room to an earthy tone in the kitchen, lighter tones become a canvas for any new homeowner. Many people also use online resources when selling a house, and neutral colors will make photographs look great. 

This tip goes back to thinking like the buyer. You don't know who your buyer will be, so you are less likely to turn them off to the home by choosing safer shades. 

5. It's What's on the Outside That Counts, Too 

A little color never hurt anybody, though. 

Emphasis on a little, like a pop of navy blue on the front door or white trim. You can also play with tones of beige or gray for a more modern feel. A fresh coat of paint on the whole house will also amp up curb appeal. 

Have you had success selling a house with some fresh paint? Let us know in the comments below!  

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