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I have been reading about different hot springs located in Southern Utah.  I have always wanted to visit the Meadow Hot Springs in Meadow, Utah.   This past weekend I was travelling back to my home in St. George from a fun visit to Snowbird and I found the perfect opportunity to stop and explore the hot springs.

Meadow Hot Springs is located just south of Fillmore, Utah in the quiet town of Meadow, near Kanosh.  These hot springs are a unique, natural treasure out in an open field in the area.  The hot springs are located on private property, but the landowner has made it accessible to the public.  There is a walking path that connects three different pools.    

The pools are crystal clear with the main pool getting as warm as 100 degrees.  The…

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I am amazed at the number of Southern Utah homes that have lush, green lawns.  I moved into a new home in the Little Valley area of St. George from Farmington, Utah.  I quickly started asking how we could maintain our new existing, green lawn.  I spoke to our landscaper and my neighbors and these are the things they told me to do to keep my lawn green in this sunny, warm climate. 

  1.        Keep your grass cut regularly to prevent weeds
  2.        Keep the blades on your lawn mower sharp, so that you are cutting your grass not tearing it
  3.        Don’t cut your grass too short - removing more than 1/3 of the grass blade will stress out your lawn  
  4.        If your soil is tough, aerate it to loosen the ground
  5.        Fertilize your lawn two…

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After eating a delicious breakfast at the Main Street Diner, I came across an interesting antique/vintage shop in Hurricane, Utah.  It is called the Gypsy Emporium Antique Mall.  It is located at 25 East State Street in Hurricane.  This is one of the largest antique stores in all of Southern Utah.  

There is really no way to classify this shop.  It is full of antiques, souvenirs, mementos, crafts, vintage clothing and jewelry, consignment items and yet they also have new, locally made items too.  The building is huge and also has an upstairs packed with items.

I don’t really love shopping for antiques, but I enjoyed shopping at the Gypsy Emporium.  I found a few unique items I bought as gifts.  My daughter was with me and it was fun to explain…

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The Pasta Factory is located in Ancestor Square, downtown at the corner of St. George Boulevard and Main Street.  The Pasta Factory is a MUST if you live in St. George or if you are visiting.  The restaurant has an inside dining area, but I always enjoy sitting in the temperature controlled patio area. 

The unique thing about the Pasta Factory is that you can custom-build your pasta dish.  You select your pasta from a numerous assortment of choices – angel hair, spaghetti, fettuccine, penne, bowtie, linguine, radiatore, fresh zucchini, tortellini or ravioli.  Then you choose your sauce – alfredo, red clam, white clam, spaghetti, classic pesto, creamy pesto, meat or Szechuan.  Finally, you can add toppings to the dish – chicken breast, Szechuan…

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There will be a total solar eclipse on Monday, August 21.  The eclipse will be visible throughout Southern Utah.  There are several places throughout the United States that will be able to see the total phase of the solar eclipse, but we will be able to observe a partial solar eclipse here in St. George. 

According to the website Time and Date, a “total solar eclipse occurs when the New Moon comes between the Sun and Earth and casts the darkest part of its shadow, the umbra, on Earth.  A full solar eclipse, known as totality, is almost as dark as night.”  There is a narrow path across the U.S.A, (approximately 70 miles), from the West Coast to the East Coast that will be able to see a total solar eclipse.  This eclipse is being referred to as the…

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After driving to the Toquerville Falls this week, our family wanted to find a place to enjoy breakfast.  I looked up breakfast locations near the road to the Toquerville Falls and came across a wonderful surprise in La Verkin, Utah.  Several people have posted reviews about the River Rock Roasting Company and so we chose to have breakfast here.   We love the place!

The River Rock Roasting Company sits on the edge of a canyon overlooking the Virgin River.  You can sit inside the café or you can sit outside on upper deck or lower seating area and enjoy the views.  River Rock is located at 394 South Main Street in La Verkin, Utah.  La Verkin is approximately 20 miles from St. George.  You can reach La Verkin by driving south from Toquerville or…

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Trail Tuesday took me on more of a wild drive than a hike this week.  I have been hearing about the Toquerville Falls for several months, but have not had the chance to explore the area until today.  It is beautiful!  It has been described as an “oasis in the desert” and that is truly what it is.  You need to drive a truck, SUV, or ATV to get to the Toquerville Falls because the road is extremely rough in some places.  You need clearance on whatever vehicle you are driving because of the rough road, more than you need 4-wheel drive. 

When we arrived at the falls we found that the water was flowing heavily due to the recent rainstorms.  We were ready to jump in the swimming hole, but the water current was too fast to do it.  The water was red…

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Children and adults love Fiesta Fun.   Fiesta Fun is a family fun center right here in St. George, Utah.   If you want to play arcade games or lazer tag, you can do it at Fiesta Fun.  It you want to ride go karts or bumper boats, you can ride them at Fiesta Fun.  If you want to bowl, mini golf or bat in cages, Fiesta Fun is the place to do it.  The lazer tag arena at Fiesta Fun is the largest in southern Utah and is 2-stories high.  You can even view what is happening in the lazer tag arena from a viewing area.  There are 20 bowling lanes.  If you want a private area to bowl you can reserve the B Lounge at Fiesta Fun where you have 4 private lanes, personal music hookups and a private restroom.  This is perfect for a large group. 

Fiesta Fun also…

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You have never truly had a sugar cookie until you have eaten a sugar cookie from Swig.  Swig got its start in St. George, Utah in 2010.  According to the Swig website, Owner and Founder Nicole Tanner and her husband were brainstorming business ideas and they thought a drive-by drink shop near Dixie State University would be a great idea.  The name was inspired by a single question Nicole’s husband asked, “Can I have a swig of your drink?”  Since its opening, Swig has become very popular with residents of the St. George area and tourists who have heard about the joint.  Now locations for this fun drive through can be found all over the state of Utah with 15 locations and a 16th coming soon to Arizona soon.

There are two locations in St. George:

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I recently moved from the Salt Lake City area to St. George.  A moving company packed up our belongings and moved all of our items down to Southern Utah for us.  We have spent the last four months unpacking our belongings and moving into our new house.  When we finished unloading everything, we had hundreds of boxes in all shapes and sizes to recycle. 

I went online and got mixed information.  Some grocery and home improvement stores in the area said that they recycle boxes on their websites, but when I called about it, they knew nothing about a recycling program.  Finally, I called Rocky Mountain Recycling Center.  They told me to bring any boxes I had to their recycling location and they would gladly recycle the boxes for us, at no charge. 

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