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Trail Tuesday took me to the Bloomington area of St. George, Utah.  I noticed that there are beautiful homes for sale in the Bloomington area.  The homes in this area of Southern Utah seem to be very unique, one-of-a-kind homes in beautiful dessert settings.  I hiked around the hills in Bloomington and ended my hike at the Bloomington Petroglyph Park.  This park is a very small park with large boulders that have hundreds of petroglyphs on them.  The area is fenced, but there is an opening so that you can walk right up to the carvings.   There is also a bench for you to sit on to view the engravings on the beautiful boulders.   

Many of the carved images represent humans and animals, as well as designs and possibly early trail maps.  I looked

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It was fun to explore the Virgin River Trail that follows the Virgin River valley through the city of St. George for Trail Tuesday this week.  The point that we began exploring is referred to as the Man O' War Trailhead. The trail has great views of the river, the desert, homes, trees, flowers, rocks, rabbits, lizards and birds.  A hawk flew by, landed several feet from us and then began calling out.  We got up early to beat the heat and started our hike at about 7:30 am.  There were several people biking this trail and a few of us on foot.  We passed by the Bloomington Country Club where there were golfers practicing their swings.  The trail near the golf range is covered with nets, so you feel very safe.   There were a few places along the

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