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As we get later into the summer, forest and brush fires are more and more common. The city and houses of St. George are surrounded by beautiful desert that often create the perfect conditions for possible fires. It is important to be safe and use these tips to avoiding forest fires.

Check Fire Regulations in Your Area

In state and national parks, rangers post current fire restrictions. These restrictions say whether outdoor fires are legal or not based on current weather and dryness conditions. If you are planning a campout at one of the nearby parks in St. George, make sure you know the current regulations. Failure to comply can result in a fine or, even worse, a possible wildfire.

Keep Fires in Designated Fire Pits

If fires are currently

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It’s that time of year when fireworks become a huge part of the scenery all around Utah. With Independence Day on Saturday and Pioneer Day on July 24th, fireworks can be heard around the desert almost all year long. If you are one of these firework enthusiasts, it’s important to keep these safety tips in mind.

Stay a Safe Distance From Any Buildings

It is important as you light off fireworks to keep your explosives a good distance from your home. In St. George, people usually light off fireworks in the street, but stay away from buildings, cars and other people.

Maintain Adult Supervision

An adult should be present whenever fireworks are being lit. Children and teens often lack the forethought, experience and knowledge necessary to remain

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Southern Utah can be especially hot this time of year. While most St. George homes have air conditioning, use these tips to keep cool this summer all around the city!

Plan Ahead

Plan your activities during cooler parts of the day. Work out early in the morning or late into the evening when the sun is down and the air is cooler. Ask your kids’ baseball coach to schedule late evening practices. Plan your indoor activities and errands during the hot afternoons when you can plan on being in air conditioning.

Go to the Theater

There are few cooler places than a movie theater. Check out the latest summer blockbusters and take your family to an air conditioned afternoon in a dark theater. Alternatively, you can take your family to a play, either

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The Utah Shakespeare Festival has been a summer tradition in Southern Utah since 1961. What began as a two week event to entertain tourists has now become a regionally recognized and award-winning theater festival that spans over 4 months and brings in over 130,000 attendees each year. Since this is only a short drive away for St. George residents, it’s worth discovering the joy the event has to offer.

What to Expect from Shakespeare

The outdoor theater used for the festival is modeled after the Globe Theater where Shakespeare first performed his plays. The festival has a budget of over $7 million dollars and provides plenty of entertainment for the whole family.

This year, the Utah Shakespeare Festival will run June 25th through October 31st

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St. George is always giving families something to do, and this summer is no different. The seventh annual Sunset on the Square movie program will provide families with a free movie in the park every 2nd Friday all summer long. Nearly 2,000 people gather at Town Square Park at 175 East 200 North in St. George to start the movies around dusk, usually around 5:00. Here is a preview of this summer’s movies and events:

May 22 - Big Hero 6

  • Rated: PG
  • Running time: 93 minutes
  • Synopsis: Hiro, his robot pal Baymax and their high-tech friends become unlikely heroes.
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 89%
  • Special Events:4:30 PM - Girls on the Run First Annual Race
  • 6:00 PM - Third Annual Cherry Creek Country Showdown

June 12 - Mr. Peabody and Sherman

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The National Parks surrounding Utah are providing a boost to the economy, according to a report by the National Parks Service. Specifically, Southern Utah received $433 million in economic benefits due to national park visitors in 2014.

Visitors come to the area and they need transportation, fuel, food and places to stay. The prime real estate in St. George means residents reap a lot of the rewards of visitor spending.

The study reports that most of the spending went towards lodging, followed by food and then gas and oil. Since Washington County is usually the last stop for many people traveling to these national parks, most of that money is going into the St. George economy. For every $1 spent on National Parks, there is a $10 return on

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Although it is still February, it’s time to start thinking about spring break in St.George, and this means more than just your family’s spring break.St. George plays host to many events that attract athletes, runners and tourists during this time of year. While it may feel like the north is invading, there are some things you can do to manage the influx.

Prepare for Crowds

More people means more crowds, everywhere. While St. George is never really crowded, stores and restaurants can get a little busier this time of year. Allow time for a little more traffic while traveling and don’t be surprised if you need to wait a longer at stores and restaurants. Mentally preparing and adjusting for the crowds will make spring break season a lot easier.

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The Utah State legislature is currently in the middle of their 2015 session, and one of the big issues is clean air, again. While St. George and surrounding Southern Utah don’t deal with the inversion and pollution that’s such an issue in Salt Lake City, DSU Sustainability Club President would like the region to be proactive in its fight against pollution.

How St. George Residents Can Reduce Pollution

Last Saturday, the DSU Sustainability club held a rally on campus to accompany similar rallies going on around the state. Anderson told St. George News that he hopes DSU students and St. George residents can implement greener habits. “If we get more students riding bikes than using cars,” he told St. George News, “that’s helping the air.”

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If you’re looking for some holiday fun in St. George this season, we have put together a list of some of the greatest local traditions. Many of these are annual traditions that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Christmas Light Spectacular

Hedgehog Electric has provided a map of some of the best Christmas light displays in the city. You won’t have to search around anymore! Additionally, they are also donating $1 to Habitat for Humanity for every Facebook “like” they get during the month of December. Go to their Facebook page, find their map, and like their page for some holiday cheer!

Christmas Performances

One of the best ways to celebrate the holiday season is to go see a performance around town. Plays and ballets are a great way to

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If you pay attention, you may notice a few more Dixie State University flags and t-shirts around St. George. This increase of paraphernalia is part of a PR campaign by the new university president, Dr. Richard “Biff” Williams, to try to involve St. George in the Dixie school spirit.

Dr. Williams’ goal is to “create an engagement between the university and the community that is unmatched anywhere else in the country.” as reported by The Spectrum.

While Dixie State has been around since 1911, St. George hasn’t really embraced the college town feel like its Utah counterparts in Provo and Logan have. There are many reasons to embrace school spirit and enjoy the perks of a nearby university. Here are a few reasons St. George residents can benefit

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