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On the last Thursday of each month, Hurricane City is hosting a Summer Concerts series in Pioneer Park.  Pioneer Park is located at 200 North Main Street in Hurricane, Utah.  Hurricane is about 20 miles east of St. George.  Follow I-15 North and State Highway 9 East to State Street and North Main Street in Hurricane. 

Hurricane is a wonderful city in Washington County.   According to the United States Census Bureau, Hurricane has a population of approximately 16,159 people and has an area of approximately 32 square miles.  Make sure you pronounce the city as “Hur-a-kin” or you will probably hear about it from local residents.

The Summer Concert in the Park series started in April and goes through the end of August, but there are still three

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I was driving to Gunlock Reservoir the other day in my swimsuit, ready to relax in the sun and to picnic by the reservoir when I saw a sign for Fire Lake Park, at Ivins Reservoir, on the side of the road near Kayenta.  I made a U-turn to investigate.  I found a wonderful surprise! 

I drove right up to a beautiful park with restrooms and a swimming area.  It was about 10:00 am and I was the only person there.  I walked around the swimming area to find a man-made spillway shooting water into the swimming area.  On the other side of the swimming area is beautiful Ivins Reservoir.

I found a place on the beach, put down my beach mat and enjoyed the park by myself for about a half an hour before several families came to enjoy the park with me.

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If you are a fan of crepes, or if you want to try a crepe for the first time, The Crepery located at 1091 Bluff Street in St. George, Utah, is the perfect place to go.  The original Crepery restaurant is up in northern Utah, in Logan, near Utah State University.  The second one is right here in sunny St. George in the Sunset Plaza!

The restaurant it definitely a one-of-a kind boutique restaurant, as advertised.  It is locally owned, by Jacob Peterson, and boasts a unique menu with something for everyone at any age. 

The menu offers a huge variety of savory and sweet crepes, salads, specialty coffees and specialized drinks.  All of the menu items are 100% fresh and the recipes are straight from the creperies of France.  The names of the crepes

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The Utah Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City, Utah begins on June 29, this year and it goes through October 21, 2017.  Cedar City is about 54 miles north of St. George on I-15.  The Utah Shakespeare Festival is a Tony Award-winning, professional theatre located on the Southern Utah University Campus that presents plays from Shakespeare and other playwrights every summer/fall in three theatres at the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Center for the Arts.

The website offers information for first-timers who want to attend.  It tells how to get tickets, how to plan your day, where you can park, what happens if it rains, what you should wear and other really good information for anyone who is new to the festival.  It also provides lodging information if you want

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Trail Tuesday took me for a walk around beautiful Gunlock State Park, about 15 miles northwest of St. George, Utah.    According to  the Gunlock State Park website, Gunlock is named after William Haynes Hamblin, a Mormon pioneer who settled the Gunlock farming community one mile north of the reservoir.  “William Haynes Hamblin (nicknamed Will or Bill) was a good hunter and sharpshooter, and was skillful in repairing gunlock, which are the firing mechanisms for muzzle leaders.”  The park site talks about how the road next to the park is the “Old Spanish Trail used by horsemen and raiders from Sante Fe, New Mexico to Los Angeles from the 1820s until the gold fields became the destination after 1849 and a shorter route was taken.”  Gunlock was

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St. George is once again becoming an outdoor theatre this summer.  St. George City and KCSG TV are sponsoring Sunset on the Square at the St. George Town Square Park, off of Main Street, again this year.  This has been a tradition in St. George for 10 years now.  The movies are projected on the big screen, under the stars, at dusk every 2nd and 4th Friday throughout the entire summer. 

You may have missed some of the movies this summer, but you are just in time to pack a blanket, bring some treats and enjoy a movie under the stars.

Movies on Fridays:

  •          June 23 – Storks (87 minutes)
  •          July 14 – Little Rascals (83 minutes)
  •          July 28 – Trolls (92 minutes)
  •          August 11 – Jungle Book (105 minutes)
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I have heard about Mystery Escape Rooms and always have wanted to try one.  They can be found all around the world, but we have one right here in Ancestor Square in St. George, Utah.  I invited my family and we started investigating the three rooms available in St. George.

King Arthur’s Quest for Knighthood

In this room participants solve clues, puzzles and challenges to be able to pull King Arthur’s sword, Excalibur, from the stone.  Participants who are brave and honorable become Knights of King Arthur.  Those who are unable to pull the sword from the stone, in one hour, will be locked in the gallery for the rest of their lives.  This room has a 38% success rate.

Private Eye – A Murder Mystery

Participants of this mystery room arrive at

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I have been driving by the Bella Marie's Pizzeria ,right off of Dixie Drive at 1487 South Silicon Way in St. George, Utah, for several years.  I have always wanted to try the pizza there because I have heard it is delicious.  The website boasts “homemade, made from scratch and cooked to order fresh Italian food!”  They also state that they have the “most authentic, original, New York think crust, brick oven pizza in St. George, Utah.”  I would agree with this statement after eating pizza from Bella Marie's Pizzeria last night!

We ordered a “to go” regular Pepperoni Pizza and a gourmet Grilled Chicken Alfredo Pizza.  The pizzas cost a little more than we would usually spend for a pizza, but they were well worth it.  The pizza dough is hand made

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I have never been to Veyo, Utah, even though I have heard about it from several people.  My brother told me I needed to go to the Veyo Pool, several people told me about the volcano there and I heard numerous St. George residents mention the delicious pies you can buy in Veyo.  Veyo is located in Washington County.  The 2016 census showed a population of 515 for Veyo.  I couldn’t find much factual information about Veyo, Utah or the Veyo Volcano, but Wikipedia says that some in the community say that Veyo stands for the acronym of “Virtue, Enterprise, Youth and Order,” while others say the town got its name from a town in Spain referred to as La Pena which means “rocky outcrop.” 

I set out to visit Veyo for myself by way of Gunlock Reservoir.   The

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Trail Tuesday took me back to beautiful Snow Canyon again this week.   There are so many trails in the area, I don’t think anyone could ever be able to find and complete all of the hikes that are available in Snow Canyon.  I hiked the Pioneer Names Trail, a very easy, short .4 mile out and back trail, just outside of St. George, Utah.

This was one of my favorite hikes in Snow Canyon.  The trail passes by pioneer names, written in axle grease, high on the cliff walls.  The earliest date I could see was 1881.  This hike took me back to a time when my ancestors, pioneers, came west to Utah and passed through the incredible red cliffs of St. George.  I pictured young pioneers climbing these cliffs to write their names for all to see and remember

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