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I was driving to Gunlock Reservoir the other day in my swimsuit, ready to relax in the sun and to picnic by the reservoir when I saw a sign for Fire Lake Park, at Ivins Reservoir, on the side of the road near Kayenta.  I made a U-turn to investigate.  I found a wonderful surprise! 

I drove right up to a beautiful park with restrooms and a swimming area.  It was about 10:00 am and I was the only person there.  I walked around the swimming area to find a man-made spillway shooting water into the swimming area.  On the other side of the swimming area is beautiful Ivins Reservoir.

I found a place on the beach, put down my beach mat and enjoyed the park by myself for about a half an hour before several families came to enjoy the park with me.

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I have never been to Veyo, Utah, even though I have heard about it from several people.  My brother told me I needed to go to the Veyo Pool, several people told me about the volcano there and I heard numerous St. George residents mention the delicious pies you can buy in Veyo.  Veyo is located in Washington County.  The 2016 census showed a population of 515 for Veyo.  I couldn’t find much factual information about Veyo, Utah or the Veyo Volcano, but Wikipedia says that some in the community say that Veyo stands for the acronym of “Virtue, Enterprise, Youth and Order,” while others say the town got its name from a town in Spain referred to as La Pena which means “rocky outcrop.” 

I set out to visit Veyo for myself by way of Gunlock Reservoir.   The

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