As we get later into the summer, forest and brush fires are more and more common. The city and houses of St. George are surrounded by beautiful desert that often create the perfect conditions for possible fires. It is important to be safe and use these tips to avoiding forest fires.

Check Fire Regulations in Your Area

In state and national parks, rangers post current fire restrictions. These restrictions say whether outdoor fires are legal or not based on current weather and dryness conditions. If you are planning a campout at one of the nearby parks in St. George, make sure you know the current regulations. Failure to comply can result in a fine or, even worse, a possible wildfire.

Keep Fires in Designated Fire Pits

If fires are currently allowed, make sure you keep yours in designated fire pits. Almost all the camp and picnic sites in the surrounding areas have fire pits for you to use. Using these pits helps to contain and stop the spread of flames.

Extinguish Flames Completely

Extinguish flames completely when you’re done at the fire pit. To do so, douse the fire completely in water. Then, using a shovel, cover the embers in soil and stir around. Make sure all the glowing embers are completely gone, and douse the fire again if you need to. The rocks and embers should be cool to the touch before you walk away. Extinguishing flames also applies to cigarettes. Never throw a lit cigarette on the ground or out the window of your car. Extinguish them in the proper places and throw away when cool.

Keep Fireworks Away from Brush

The open desert may seem like the best view for fireworks, but it’s also the most dangerous. Falling embers can cause fires in the brush farther away fromt the firework than you might think. It is illegal to set off fireworks in state and national parks. Follow all safety guidelines in this area.

Outdoor activities are popular in St. George, and many of these activities include campfires. Follow all safety guidelines to keep the area around Southern Utah safe from forest fires.


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