Whenever I move it takes me months to finally hang pictures on the wall. I’m always nervous I’ll hang them in the wrong place or hang them the wrong way. I know I shouldn’t be intimidated by something that isn’t permanent, so I did some research on how to hang a picture correctly the first time.

Find the Place to Hang It

It’s hard to tell if the placement of a picture looks good from up close. Have someone hold the picture where you want it so you can step back and look at it from different angles. You can tell the person to move it around on different parts of the wall until you are satisfied with the location. A few things you should keep in mind is lighting and wall studs. Pictures might look very different depending on the time of day, so if you want something to look great in the daylight, you may want to consider hanging it in the daylight. For heavier pictures, you will want a wall stud to hang it on, so make sure the location has one.

Mark the Wall

Turn your frame over and mark the distance from the top of the frame to the place the picture will hang. This is especially important for frames with wires. Next, use the measurements to mark the distance from where the top of the frame will hit the wall to the spot it will hang from. Next, use a level to make sure your markings are straight.

Choose your Nail

There are several pieces of hardware you can hang a picture from. The one you choose will depend on the size and weight of the picture. Screws will be more stable for larger frames, but a monkey hook may work for smaller ones.

Hang the Picture

Next, hammer or screw the hardware into the point you marked on the wall. Next, remove your markings from the wall and hang your picture. Use a level to double-check your work, and you’re done!


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