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As the school year begins, as the weather starts to cool down, and as the leaves start to change you can feel the summer season shift into the fall. You put on your sweater and grab your warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate, but something is missing. You need a cookie. The mouth-watering taste of a warm, salty-sweet cookie is what your taste buds are dying for. This fresh craving poses the question: Where do I find a really good cookie? If you’re asking yourself this and if you’re in the St. George, Utah area, you are in luck. The cookie shops and eateries in St. George are some of the best around. With so many shops, there is a high level of competition, which means that each of these cookie shops is constantly trying to give you the best cookie, the best service, and the best experience overall. Take a look at the list! 

Dirty Dough

First on our list is Dirty Dough, the newest addition to the cookie eateries in St. George, Utah. The way they make their cookies is unique and different from other cookie brands because each cookie is engineered from the inside out, with a combination of layers, toppings, and filling in the cookie dough. Just by looking at these cookies you can tell how flavorful, rich, soft, and gooey they are. You won’t find any other cookies like the ones at Dirty Dough. 

The menu includes the classic cookies: Stuffed Chocolate Chip, Sugar Cookie, Brookie (brownie cookie), and Raspberry Toaster Tart. Some of the weekly cookies are Dirty Circus (animal crackers and marshmallows), Cinnamon Toast (like the cereal), 7 Layer Bar (graham cracker dough with coconut, pecans, butterscotch chips, chocolate chips), Dirty Fritter (apple pie cookie dough with apple fritter donuts chunks, toffee bits, white chocolate chips, cinnamon, and caramel). The cookies at Dirty Dough are one-of-a-kind and they are a must try. Go get your hands dirty with some tasty cookies.

The Sugar Cookie

The Sugar Cookie is a locally owned cookie bakery. They have cookies of all sizes, but are most popular for their mini cookies, which give you the chance to try all kinds of different flavors. These cookies have a soft cake-like texture rather than chewy, so it’s unique from your typical sugar cookie.

Each cookie is topped with rich icing that has a sweet and fresh flavor. These delicious flavors listed on the menu are chocolate, cherry, lemon, orange, toasted coconut, red velvet, and old-fashioned sugar cookies. If you’re not a big frosting fan, don’t worry, there are also plenty of frosting less cookie options including, the original sugar cookie, peanut butter, molasses, chocolate, and snickerdoodle.

Catering is an option as well if you’re hoping to share these tasty sweets with others. You can also order each of these cookies as a cute and thoughtful gift for a friend or loved one. If you have a sweet tooth, or just taste buds in general you’ll have to give the Sugar Cookie a try.

Crumbl Cookies

If you’re looking for more of a familiar taste, you can head over to the well-known Crumbl Cookies, the fastest-growing cookie company in the nation. If you haven’t heard of Crumbl yet, you are missing out! It’s so popular that St. George is home to two stores. Crumbl is known for its heavenly cookie flavors that are switched up often. The menu rotates each week and there are new flavors introduced frequently. There’s always something freshly made to look forward to. 

Some of the customer favorites are vanilla cupcake, buttermilk pancake, Reese's peanut butter cup, dulce de leche, carrot cake, mango frozen yogurt, churro, peppermint oreo, caramel popcorn and blueberry cheesecake. Those are only a small fraction of Crumbl’s inventory.  If you’re more of a classic cookie fan, don’t worry, Crumbl’s milk chocolate chip cookie is always on the menu as well. Each flavor is almost too delicious to wrap your head around.

Not only does Crumbl give you the tastiest specialty cookies to enjoy in-store, they also offer delivery, curbside pickup, catering, and shipping. If your mouth is watering go get some Crumbl. It will surely satisfy your cookie cravings and fulfill your cookie needs. 

Sloth Cookies

Sloth Cookies is a family-owned bakery with flavorful hand-made cookies made with fresh and top-quality ingredients. This charming and quaint cookie shop is located on Bluff street which is a perfect spot because it’s near many other great shops and restaurants. On the menu, they have a variety of cookie flavors such as chocolate chip, oatmeal toffee & coconut, peanut butter & chocolate chip, lemon frosted sugar cookie, and raspberry frosted sugar cookie. On the weekends they have snickerdoodles. 

The cookie textures span from chewy, to soft, to fluffy, to dense. Each cookie is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. They also have sweet and out of the ordinary milkshak e choices including Chai, Horchata, and Pralines & Cream. The motto of Sloth Cookies is “slow down & enjoy” which is exactly what you can expect to experience when you taste these cookies.

Lolo’s Buff Bakery

This cookie shop is a little bonus addition to our list. It’s a food truck with delicious and nutritious cookies. Nutritious cookies? Yes, they are made with whole ingredients of a whey protein blend and they are gluten free. If that doesn’t convince you, they are also all under 240 calories! They are the perfect combo of yummy and healthy. 

Each of these delectable cookie flavors are topped with frosting and toppings. Some of the cookies on the menu are Tuxedo Coconut, Banana Bang, Strawberries N’ Cream, Skinny S’mores, Sinless Cinna Roll, Buff Muddy Buddy, Cookies and Cream, and Lemon Poppin. 

Not only are the cookies mouthwatering and healthy, the whole experience of eating from a food truck is simply so fun. The truck is painted sugar cookie pink, it has a great vibe, and it’s simply a fun place to stop by and grab a yummy snack.


We hope this list helps give you a taste of all of the cookie options that you can choose from. The shops will give you anything you need from sugar cookies, to gooey chocolate chips, to frosted delights, and almost any cookie flavor you can think of. We can’t wait for you to try each of these shops and hopefully find your new favorite. After all, a perfect autumn season in St. George, Utah wouldn’t be complete without some appetizing cookies.

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