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As a retired member of the St. George community and an avid reader, I used to carefully write down the titles of the books I read in a notebook.  I would file these notebooks away never to really be looked at again.  Then I came upon a website called Goodreads.  Goodreads is an incredible, free website for book lovers.  It is the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations.  You can use the website from your computer or you can download the app and use it from your device.   You can sign up for an account by simply entering your name, email and a password.

The mission of Goodreads is “to help people find and share books they love.” To begin using Goodreads you select books that you have read, that you are currently reading or that you want to read.  You can search by title or author.  You start with three default shelves (read, currently-reading, and to-read).  With the click of a button, you select books and add them to your own bookshelves.  The books are displayed on your bookshelves by the book cover, which allows you to see the title and author very easily.  After you have read a book, you rate the book with 1-5 stars.  Once you rate a book it automatically moves to the “read” bookshelf.  I usually rate the books I read with stars and then I am finished, but you can also write a review and record the date that you read the book if you would like.

You can also compare your shelves among your friends or with everyone on the site.   When you click on the book cover you will find all sorts of information such as the ISBN, literary awards the book has received, the average rating of the book and any reviews that have been posted.  I browse through the site and click on any books I want to read.  They automatically are shelved on my “to-read” bookshelf in seconds. 

Goodreads launched in 2007 and has 55 million members and 1.5 billion books on the site.  They also have over 50 million book reviews.  I love the quote that Goodreads has posted on their homepage “The right book in the right hands at the right time can change the world.”  So if you are a reader, stop writing down book lists and track your books electronically by downloading Goodreads today.

Live life to the fullest with no regrets!

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