The area your washing machine and dryer are located can be the least favorite part of the house. It is often a mess, filled with junk, and in many cases an impractical space—laundry rooms in garages, unfinished basements, or small spaces off the kitchen. Having a well-designed laundry room can bring organization to your home and make the never ending process of laundry more enjoyable. Below are a few things to consider if you are finally creating your perfect laundry room.

Make a Place for Everything

While in the design stage, think of everything you could possibly store in your laundry room and give it a home. Make sure there is a place to hang laundry, store folded laundry, and store any laundry supplies such as soap, ironing boards, etc… It’s better to imagine a home for everything before creating our laundry room than having to find a place for everything after the room is completed.

Create Space

The laundry room should have plenty of storage. Laundry rooms often become utility rooms, so there may be things you’ll want to store in there year round such as seasonal clothing, tools, and cleaning supplies. Make sure there is plenty of shelving and cupboards.

Design a Pleasant Space

Nobody likes doing chores so you may as well make the space inviting. If it’s possible, choose an area with some natural light to freshen up the place. Use light colors to open up a small space, and make sure there is plenty of ventilation as smaller rooms can feel stuffy.

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