So Halloween is just around the corner, the kids are getting excited, picking out costumes and pointing out all the homes on the street with spooky decorations for the upcoming trick-or-treating fun. 

Naturally, you would like to come up with some decorations for the home to liven up the spooky season and be the talk of the block when all of the kids pass by. 

The question may be how to do so without necessarily going all out or breaking the bank - but rather coming up with some more simple home decorating ideas that will make the impact you want. 

We've come up with a list of four both easy and simple spooky home decor ideas that the kids will love, but will also be affordable and not too out of the way difficult to achieve. 

The Front Porch Could Use Some Love

The front porch is where the entrance to your house lies, it's what makes those spooky first impressions when walking up to the front door of your home and what trick-or-treaters will be most charmed or spooked up.

Spooking up your front porch doesn't take nearly as much effort as it may originally seem. Decor can start as simply as the little things such as buying some pumpkins, big or small to line up on your porch as the classic Halloween staple. 

There are even shops which sell these pumpkins in different patterns or designs if you really want to stand out amongst your neighbors, letting the kids help you pick out some things will really help make the process something to look forward to.

Spooky lights or plants can make a world of difference as well and can easily be found anywhere during the Halloween season, there are probably even specialty shops designed just for this near you.

Spooky Comfort Designs 

Who says just because it's spooky, you have to be scared? There is the more comfort based approach to this scarier holiday which is using it as an excuse to make the interior of your home as cozy as can be!

Consider the Halloween based pillow you can toss onto your couch or even the autumn colors you can use to your advantage by buying some super comfortable throws and leaving them all over the house. 

Even the flannels or other fall based patterns to switch out your bed sets or other furniture pieces in the house with. This gives you a great excuse to look forward to the season with new house decor you can even keep for the next year to switch out. 

The Smell Of The Season 

This is a simple and subtle, yet very effective way to get the kids excited for the Halloween season and all of the delicious treats they're going to be getting. 

Filling your house with different scented candles either Halloween themed or just anything that brings up nostalgiac memories of the fall season will be sure to get the adrenaline going for the upcoming month end holiday.

Scents like cinnamon, apple, pumpkin, fireside, any kind of spicier scents or even marshmallows or candy to really get the kids excited will truly be a staple in your home. 

It's The Little Spooky Things That Count 

At the end of the day, the spooky decor ideas mean the most to the kids because they get to fall in love with the fact that they wake up in a home that cares about their love of the holidays.

What matters the most is letting them be involved. Whether they want to hand craft things to put up around the home together like cut out bats or spiders, or even letting them choose little things from the store that will let them add their own little touch to the home, it will mean the world to them. 

Putting up the hanging ghosts around the front yard or carving the pumpkins together that they'll eventually get to put wherever they want, or even choosing the dog's Halloween costume will all make the season a special one to remember. 

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