Plan your next convention, family reunion or other event in the St George area!


You and your family or business group would have a special time together in this beautiful, spectacular scenic area.

There are a lot of outdoor activities you can all do. Walking and hiking brings all ages together. Choose from a variety of walking paths or hiking trails in the area. You could choose from our city walking paths to hikes in Snow Canyon, Zion, Kolob Canyon, etc. Kids love to hike and play on the red rocks and in the streams we have in abundance here.

You could have a picnic waiting at the end....treasures along the way. Kids love this.

We have dinosaur tracks, Warner Valley and the Johnson farm. They are wonnderful and people have come from all over the world to see them.

Refreshing pools attract the kids attention in the summer time. Choose from Sand Hollow, Veyo Hot Springs, Quail or Gunlock Lakes and our many public and private pools.

Go to the Fiesta Fun Center in St George, the I-Max at Springdale, the Wildlife Museum in St George or see a replay of history by taking our live historic tours.

See a play or an outdoor show at Tuachan Amphitheater. There is always a lot going on here. Just have a lot of fun.

Here are some family reunion hints and tips.

As diverse as America itself, family reunions are held everywhere across the nation. These gatherings create - if only for one day a year - the exhilarating experience of what life was once like when all families lived in extended, tight-knit groups. Here are some steps to a fabulous, fun-for-all reunions.

Plan it early - even for a weekend reunion, 18 months to two years is not too early.

Keep it affordable -  you want everyone to attend. Give them different choices where they can stay - with other families, campgrounds, motels, etc.

Use the internet and E-mail - this is an easy and fun way to keep family members informed about all the events.. Good for RSVPs too.

Make it fun for all ages - find activities that are great for all. Or, you could have a golf tournament for some - relay games, balloon tosses, volleyball, tug-of-war, etc for others.

T-shirts are a must - they are affordable and the all-American symbol of pride.

Get everyone to mingle - have name tags and go easy on the in-laws. It's all in fun.  Honor the past and celebrate the future.

            Taken from an excerpt by Jennifer Crichton in "Family Reunion".