Washington County Ghost Towns

1. Atkinville: 1870's - Part of rock walls in two homes are still in place today.

2. Price City (Heberville): 1858 - Twelve or more foundations of homes standing.

3. Bloomington (St. James): 187O’s - Two rock homes & foundation of school, small amount of

debris from broom factories remain.

4. Tonaquint: 1856-62 - No trace of foundations left. Other names for this settlement were NEVER SWEAT, LOWER CLARA, LICK SKILLET & SELDOM STOP.

5. Harrisburg: 1859-92 - Three rock homes & foundation's, rock walls & cemetery surrounding new Quail Lake Resort.

6. Silver Reef: 1875 – Two banks, (Wells Fargo renovated), three story home and footings of mill. Three cemeteries.

7. Grafton: 1859-1862 - Rebuilt...today has many homes, school, and cemetery. More renovations planned.

8. Shonesburg: 1862 – One nice rock home privately owned and cemetery.

9. Fort Harmony: 1852 – One building, foundations, and cemetery in pioneer apple orchard.  Six homes southwest of town.

10. Pinto: 1856 – Buildings and foundations standing today.

11. Fort Hamblin: 1856-1866 – Foundations and cemetery.

12. Shem: 1890’s – Has foundation and rock home.

13. Gold Strike: 1900’s – Structures and mines remain. (no entry)

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