The Bear Paw Cafe

Posted by on Wednesday, May 17th, 2017 at 9:25pm.

The Bear Paw Café, at 75 N Main Street in St. George, Utah, is a favorite of many.  When I used to visit St. George when I was on vacation, the Bear Paw was as MUST for our family.  Now that I live in St. George, the Bear Paw still draws us in for brunch at least a couple of times each month.  Each morning you will find the sidewalk in front of the Bear Paw crowded with people waiting in line for breakfast.  The Bear Paw is open daily from 7:30 to 2:30 pm.  We avoid the rush by going at 1:00 for brunch. 

The menu at the Bear Paw is 24 pages long.  Just the drink menu takes up about eight pages.  You can order an Italian soda, specialty drinks, smoothies, tea, coffee, regular beverages or an expresso from the expresso bar.  The favorites of our family are:  Grandma’s oatmeal, Chilled Crepes, French toast and Breakfast by the Numbers.  That sounds like any regular breakfast, but at the Bear Paw they are wonderful delights.  Grandma’s oatmeal comes with cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar, vanilla, granola, grapenuts, pecans and maple syrup drizzled over the top.  The chilled crepes are my favorite.  I order the strawberry – banana or the strawberry – kiwi crepes.  The crepes are very large, but I order the full order so that I can eat one and take one home for later.  The Bear Paw French toast is filled with spiced apples, chocolate brulee cream or vanilla brulee cream.  If you don’t want yours filled with anything you can get regular French toast or pecan crunch French toast.  Breakfast by the Numbers are combination plates that include all sorts of delicious foods, including bacon, eggs, home potatoes or hash browns, toast, muffins, or pancakes. 

I have never ordered lunch at the Bear Paw, because I can’t get away from the chilled crepes.  The café offers specialty sandwiches or Italian sandwiches on focaccia, which is a heavy flat Italian bread.  Their salads are large and look delicious too.  I have never had dessert either, because I am always too full, but the Bear Paw offers Bread Pudding, Banana Splits and Bear Paw Muffins that are baked fresh each morning. 

The servings at the Bear Paw are very large, so you will always see people carrying a “to go” container when they leave.  The prices at the Bear Paw are very reasonable with breakfast and lunches costing about $8-9 on average.  The Bear Paw is open every single day of the year, including Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This makes me always tip the wait staff just a little bit more than I normally would.  If you have never tried the Bear Paw Café, I would strongly encourage you to visit the café, order brunch and see what your taste buds decide.

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