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As a newly retired, new member, of the St. George community, I looked around at my new surroundings and realized that I need to play golf.  There are so many beautiful courses in Southern Utah with many of them right here in St. George.   My husband has been asking me to join him for several years and now that I am retired I don’t have any excuses.   

I began researching what I need to know to take up golf.   I found this article from Golf Digest to be extremely helpful:  Golf Beginner’s Guide:  So You Want to Play Golf. 

I also read some articles online about how golf:

  •          Is fun
  •          Is a game for all ages
  •          Helps you stay fit
  •          Is not a pressure sport
  •          Is a great motivator
  •          Can be
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Everywhere you go these days you see succulents.  I recently moved to St. George and I was looking for a fun new hobby for a new retiree.  I needed some plants to decorate my new home and I also needed some plants that would work in our backyard pots.  I was introduced to succulents at the Farmer’s Market in Ancestor Square where they were being sold.  I saw more succulents on Pinterest, at the Art Village in Kayenta and at the Saturday Market at Tuacahn.  I decided I wanted to plant my own and set out to find some to purchase.  There were several places online to buy, but I was worried about how they would be delivered to me through the mail.  I started looking for succulents and seemed to find them everywhere…Star Nursery, Lowes, Home Depot, and

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St. George is among the fastest growing cities in the United States.  People relocate to Southern Utah for various reasons.  According to the St. George Chamber of Commerce, “the excellent quality of life, the many breathtaking scenic areas, the temperate climate, the healthy lifestyles, the variety of beautiful gold courses, our outstanding school system, the Dixie State College education opportunities for all ages, and the growing business opportunities” are just a few of the reasons. 

St. George is a great area to live, play and work.  St. George is located within the Mojave Desert.  The desert climate contributes to generally clear skies, relatively mild winters and hot summers.  Residents and visitors to St. George enjoy over 300 days of

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I recently retired after a 30 year career in education in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I moved with my husband to St. George upon retirement and began blogging for the David Ellis Group of Keller Williams.  After working every day for 30 years it has been a wonderful adjustment.   According to TopRetirements.com, St. George (the 7th largest city in Utah) has become one of the more popular retirement communities in the nation.  St. George is located in extreme southwestern Utah, with spectacular red rock bluffs overlooking the town, a mild climate in winter, and numerous, terrific recreational opportunities.  TopRetirements.com describes St. George as "one of the fastest growing areas in the United States." 

I love St. George.  I feel like I am on vacation

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