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Trail Tuesday took me out to the middle of the wilderness in the Virgin River Canyon Recreation Area.  There are a couple of hikes from the developed campground, picnic/day use area, but you can also just explore the area and make your own hiking path.  The recreation area is close to the Interstate, but you don’t even notice it after you leave the road.  Soon you are surrounded by colorful, beautiful cliffs and rocky canyons.  The Virgin River runs right through the area.  I read that you should keep an eye out for bighorn sheep, but I didn’t see any this trip. 

There are two wilderness hikes: 

  •          Virgin River Gorge Nature Trail
  •          Sullivan Canyon Trail. 

The Virgin River Gorge Nature Trail is extremely short.  You

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Trail Tuesday took me up on the red cliffs above St. George, Utah, to the Temple Quarry Trail.  The views were wonderful!  I went early in the morning because the sun hits this trail directly, but I also read that you should hike this trail right before sunset because the views are even more beautiful.  Whichever you choose, it was a great hike!






According to the sign on the Temple Quarry Trailhead, “Pioneer workmen transported basalt stone blocks for construction of the Saint George LDS Temple foundation by wagon over the trail.”  The trail is flat except for a few steps at the beginning of the hike.  There are three or four benches along the trail for those who want to sit and enjoy the view.    Further along the

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Trail Tuesday took me back to beautiful Snow Canyon again this week.   There are so many trails in the area, I don’t think anyone could ever be able to find and complete all of the hikes that are available in Snow Canyon.  I hiked the Pioneer Names Trail, a very easy, short .4 mile out and back trail, just outside of St. George, Utah.

This was one of my favorite hikes in Snow Canyon.  The trail passes by pioneer names, written in axle grease, high on the cliff walls.  The earliest date I could see was 1881.  This hike took me back to a time when my ancestors, pioneers, came west to Utah and passed through the incredible red cliffs of St. George.  I pictured young pioneers climbing these cliffs to write their names for all to see and remember

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Trail Tuesday took me to Hurricane, Utah this week. I explored the hike: Three Falls, Gould’s Wash, with access from downtown Hurricane. There are three waterfalls in Gould’s Wash.  I hiked to the lower waterfall which was very easy and approximately 1.5 miles long. There was no water present, but the hike to the lower fall was a surprisingly beautiful hike. The hike follows a small, dry riverbed up into a canyon that has some really interesting structures in it. The canyon walls are pocketed with caves and holes. The lower waterfall runs over smooth rock and is about 25 feet tall. You can see the middle fall from the lower fall, but you can’t see the upper waterfall. 

If you want to climb to the middle and upper waterfalls the hike becomes

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Trail Tuesday took me to the Petrified Dunes in Snow Canyon Park, near St. George, this week.  The trail begins just north of the picnic areas of the Upper and Lower Galoots where you can park near the road.  Once you cross the road you will see the Upper Galoots.  If you hike to the north and around the Upper Galoots you will find the Petrified Dunes Trail.  The Petrified Dunes were once-flowing mountains of sand that are now mounds and crevices of Navajo sandstone.  You can climb the terrain and investigate these dunes for several hours.  You don’t have to worry about staying on the trail because these incredible rolling mounds are everywhere for you to explore.  Hiking the Petrified Dunes Train provides some incredible views of the park. 

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Every Tuesday my daughter and I have decided we will be going for a hike in the St. George area.  We are calling it “Trail Tuesday!”  We started our adventures in Snow Canyon this past week with a very short, easy hike to Jenny’s Canyon.  Jenny’s Canyon is a nice short walk up into a slot canyon and an overlook. This is a great hike for families and small children.  Parking is near the trail and the trail is easy to locate.  Be careful in this area during a rainstorm because the trail crosses over a dry wash area.  The trail leads to the left into Jenny's Canyon which is a beautiful slot canyon in memory of Jennifer Denise Patchett who passed away at only 17 years old.  There is a memory plaque that talks about how Jenny was "inspired by the beauty

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I recently retired after a 30 year career in education in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I moved with my husband to St. George upon retirement and began blogging for the David Ellis Group of Keller Williams.  After working every day for 30 years it has been a wonderful adjustment.   According to TopRetirements.com, St. George (the 7th largest city in Utah) has become one of the more popular retirement communities in the nation.  St. George is located in extreme southwestern Utah, with spectacular red rock bluffs overlooking the town, a mild climate in winter, and numerous, terrific recreational opportunities.  TopRetirements.com describes St. George as "one of the fastest growing areas in the United States." 

I love St. George.  I feel like I am on vacation

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