St. George, Utah - Fastest Growing City in the Nation

Posted by David Ellis on Monday, January 9th, 2012 at 9:33pm.

St George, Utah is one of the 50 best places in America for people to retire to, with the many age-restricted communities it's no wonder. But there are other reasons for this title, like the golf courses. It is a golfers paradise, you have a choice of the eleven courses, and each of them offer you some breathtaking scenery. And because the weather is always perfect you can golf nearly all year long, although it can get very hot during the summer months. The crime rate is low, with a population of 60,000 and growing every year.

Typical weather Throughout the Year in St George

Summer temperatures will generally be between 104° and 110° during the day, and during the fall and spring you can enjoy the temperatures between 70° an 80°. I know that there are many people who enjoy the winter chill, so don't worry it will get down to 50° during January and February, and you will see hard frosts at nighttime. I know that it's not snow or anything, but it will feel much colder to you because your body will be adjusted to the higher temperatures. So as you can see you will be able to experience much of the different seasons.

Great Place for the Entire Family

The reason that St George, Utah is being called the second fastest growing city in the nation is not just because it's a great place to retire to. Just look at what this city in Utah can offer to your family.

St George is such a great place to raise your children, because of the many things it has to offer, such as some excellent schools as well as a first rate hospital. So if you plan on having any more children you don't need to worry about anything you are in safe hands. That was one of my concerns when I was trying to find a place to move to and grow my family. St George offers you that and so much more. You can give your children a wonderful life because of the caring friendly families in the area.

Real Estate in St. George

As you can see there are many advantages to raising your family in this breathtaking city of Utah. And there is no reason that you not be able to find the perfect home at the right price. The real estate in St.George, Utah is extremely affordable, and prices range from $140,000 up to $2 million, so there is something for everyone. Now is the time to invest in this city because there are so many investment opportunities in this high growth environment. You also get more bang for your buck.

And if you think that there is going to be nothing to do in this city then you are mistaken. No it's not NY where you have you have thousands of different shows to choose from, but there are entertainment activities. You can go hiking on the weekends with your kids and see some of the most beautiful scenery that you can imagine.

So if you are looking to find the perfect place to live then I highly suggest that you look into St. George, Utah. If you don't believe me just talk to some of the St. George real estate agents and find out for yourself when you visit this beautiful city in Utah. Right now you have the perfect opportunity to find a house at a cheap price and because this area is growing so fast that mean that prices of houses are bound to go up, so your house will be worth much more then what you have initially bought it for.

I'd be happy to help you with your search for the perfect home in St. George, and answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact David Ellis, for more information.

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