Making Your New House Feel Like Home

Posted by on Monday, July 3rd, 2017 at 10:56am.

A month ago my husband and I moved into a new home in southern Utah. When the movers were gone, we were left feeling overwhelmed by a living room full of boxes. The first night was uncomfortable—I felt like I was in a stranger’s house, we didn’t know where any of our things were, and it just didn’t feel like home yet. I took to the experts and learned a few things about how to turn your new house into a comfortable home.

Stock up on the essentials

Being able to grab a gallon of milk in the fridge or a paper towel from the kitchen when you need it will help you feel like you live there. Go to the store the day you move in and get all the little things you like to have on hand—cleaning supplies, food staples, condiments, and toiletries.

Prioritize one room

It can be hard to know where to start when everything you own is in a box. Many home experts suggest prioritizing a room. Pick a room that is most important for you to have in order. For me, it was the kitchen. I unpacked and organized all the kitchen supplies and cleaned all the appliances. It felt great to take a break from unpacking to cook and eat a home cooked meal.

Make it comfortable

Experts suggest making your house comfortable right away. Unpack some clean sheets and make your bed, find your throw pillows for your couch, and clear the space around your couch and bed. At the end of a long day of unpacking and organizing, it will feel great to be able to crash on a welcoming bed or rest on your soft couch.

New houses can initially feel cold and empty, but you can turn them into homes you will never want to leave. Following a few of these tips will help make those first few days in your new house feel homey.




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