Healthier Homes Improve Resale Value

Posted by on Wednesday, January 7th, 2015 at 8:12am.

Studies and surveys are showing home buyers are willing to pay more for greener homes. One of the reasons is due to energy savings. Energy efficient appliances and insulation help homeowners save every month on energy costs. One of the other major factors is that green homes are healthier. Families are willing to pay more when the homes will be healthy investments for their children. Here are some ideas to make your home healthier when preparing to sell.

Remove Toxins

If your home is old, you can have it tested for harmful products such as lead and other harmful substances. Removing lead paint and reducing toxins in the home can make it healthier for you and future home buyers. This can help up the sales value as well, since homeowners won’t have to worry about their children.

Stop Smoking Indoors

Strong odors are a big turn off for home buyers, and cigarette smoke smell is difficult to remove. Cigarette odor conjures ideas of unhealthy air and toxins in the home. After catching a whiff, they may decide to make a lower offer or no offer at all. If you do smoke, stop smoking in your home and have professional cleaners come remove the smell. Before a showing or open house, get rid of any pillows, blankets or upholstered items that may smell strongly. The more you can get rid of the smell the better.

Clean Home

Everyone should have their homes professionally cleaned before an open house or showing. You should especially focus on removing dust and mold, since these can trigger allergies and other health issues. Besides your typical cleaning, also have your air ducts cleaned so that less dust is circulating throughout the house. Mold is another common toxin and will be a real turn off for home buyers. Remove any signs of mold or mildew in the showers and bathroom. Regrout if you have to. Dirt, dust, and mold are almost guaranteed to lower the value of your home.

Buy House Plants

House plants are great because they are a visible representation of a clean, environmentally friendly home. Live plants actually clean the air in your home naturally. They also act as a great way to stage your home as a clean, environmentally friendly oasis. While you can take the plants with you when you move, they are a good staging tool for potential buyers.

Clean, environmentally friendly homes work much better on the market. When placing your home on the market, you want potential buyers to feel safe and healthy in the space. Use these tips to create, and show off, a healthier home.

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