Sometimes you just need to get away—especially for the holidays! There’s truly nothing like a long vacation. No matter where it is you’re going, however, you can make sure that you have a great trip by coming back to a home that’s nice and welcoming… and it all starts right now. 

Before you leave, here’s our comprehensive home checklist to ensure your trip back to Southern Utah is stress-free. 

Throw Out Perishables

Forgetting to do this will have major consequences! Before you leave for your holiday, take a look through your refrigerator and take note of all the items that will spoil soon—or before you come back! Usually this means fruit and vegetables, but be aware of any meats and dairy products also. Opening your fridge after a long vacation and being greeted with the smell of rotting food is, well, not so great! 

However, it isn’t necessary to throw the entire contents of your fridge away. When you come back from a long vacation, the last thing you’ll want to do is immediately go shopping… so do keep some non-perishable food items just in case. 

That being said, you’ll also want to throw out your trash and get rid of recycling or compost. Of course, this is a necessary step to keeping your home clean while you’re gone, but this can also prevent bugs or animals from getting into your home. 

Keep It Secret Or Keep It Safe

If you’re in possession of valuables, you’ll want to either hide these away or lock them in a safe place. Although a burglary is unlikely, it’s a good idea to do this anyway as a precaution. 

Another option is to take your valuables with you. However, there are risks with this as well. In any case, know where your valuables are and insure them if you feel this is best. 

Set Arrangements 

Depending on the length of your holiday, you may want to alert your mail carrier or any subscription mail services that you’ll be away for a period of time. This will ensure that your mail is not left to pile up in your mailbox or at your door—which, of course, risks it being stolen. 

If you have pets, arrange for their care while you are gone. This is also applicable to children. Leave an emergency number and yours as well with those who are caring for your loved ones. 

Double Check—Is It Locked? Is It Turned Off?

One of your last steps will be making sure that all of your windows and doors are closed shut—and tightly! Be aware of any drafts, as well, that may be a result of these things being worn, cracked, or broken. If you have pets, make sure that any pet doors are tightly shut as well.

Also consider unplugging any small appliances. This can include coffee machines, alarm clocks, small toaster ovens, and the like. This can prevent electrical accidents and save you energy while you are away. You may also want to lower the temperature in your home to save energy as well.

Lastly, set your home safety alarm as you walk out the door. In the event of a break-in, you’ll be notified immediately.

And Before You Go

As you’re getting ready to leave, you may also want to clear out your dishwasher, close the blinds or curtains, and check all taps (so that they haven’t been left dripping). 

You may also want to wash your sheets. When you get back, this is one thing you won’t look forward to doing. Plus, getting into bed on your first night back will be wonderful. Consider it!

And that’s it. The only thing you’ll need to do now is have an amazing vacation!

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