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Go back millions of years…when dinosaurs ruled the world.  The St. George Dinosaur Site at Johnson Farm houses “exceptionally well-preserved dinosaur tracks, fossil fish and plants, rare dinosaur remains, invertebrates traces and important sedimentary structures.”  It is amazing to know that this site is described by paleontologists as “one of the ten best dinosaur tract sites in the world.”  It was pretty incredible to visit the dinosaur discovery site and see everything they have found on this site in St. George, Utah.

The Dinosaur Discovery Site discovered Early Jurassic lakeside tracks from thousands of primarily carnivorous dinosaurs that were roaming the shoreline in search of food.  Sandstone has locked in and preserved the details of the dinosaur tracks and the action the dinosaur was taking when the tracks were made. 

There are replicas and reproductions of some of the early dinosaur inhabitants, so that you can really visualize the animals that made the preserved tracks.  They have replicas of the Utahraptor and the Allosaurus.  They also have the only replica of a Scelidosaurus (scary looking dinosaur) on display in the Americas. 

Some of the things you will see on your visit to the museum:

  1.        Over 6,000 tracks made by dinosaurs and other animals
  2.        The world’s largest collection of dinosaur swim tracks
  3.        Rare tracks made by a crouching meat-eating dinosaur
  4.        The largest single track block in any museum in the world

For children there is an interactive area inside the museum where they can do dinosaur stencils and rubbings, put together dinosaur puzzles, and read various dinosaur books.  There is also a “track box” where children can see various sized dinosaur footprints and then they can put on “dino feet” and make their own footprints.    There is a gift shop on site.  They have a large parking lot and walkways and ramps throughout the museum.  Well-behaved dogs are welcome to sit in the museum lobby with you and small dogs may be carried in your arms while you tour the museum.  It was fun to enjoy a quality day, learning about dinosaurs, in an amazing museum in Southern Utah.   

Hours of Operation:

                Monday – Saturday from 10:00am – 6:00pm

                Sundays from 11:00am – 5:00pm

                (Closed on Sundays during the winter months)

 Admission Information:

                Adults:  $6

                Children ages 4-11:  $3  

 Museum Address:  2180 East Riverside Drive, St. George, Utah 84790

 Questions?  Call them at 435-574-3466 or email them at tracksofdinos@gmail.com

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