Five Easy Decorating Hacks to Spruce Up Your Hour Home

Posted by on Friday, May 1st, 2015 at 6:56am.

Is your house feeling a bit tired? After a few years, or even a few months, with a new design, you might start to feel the need for change. An update doesn’t need to be overly complicated or complex. Rather than remodel your entire home, you can add and update a few small accessories to give you the change you’ve been craving. Here are a few hacks to help you think about sprucing up your home.

Window Treatments

The way light enters your room can really change the way it looks. If you have heavy window treatments, replace them with lighter ones to let in more light. Are your plastic blinds old and outdated? Replace them with more modern shutters or wood blinds. Changing your window treatments can make the room feel new.

Get Creative With Accessories

You don’t need to replace all the furniture in your home to make it feel new, maybe you just need to swap out a few accessories. Some patterned and bright colored throw pillows can provide an updated look. A simple new rug can make the whole room feel new. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by shopping for a whole new room, get creative with accessories and update your room with small accent pieces.

Reflect the Light

New light fixtures can combine the two suggestions above. A great new light fixture can change the lighting as well as add a new accent piece. Another good trick is to add a mirror to your room to reflect the light. This can help the room feel bigger, as well as brighter.

New Hardware

You don’t need to replace all the cabinets in your kitchen or all the doors in your home. A quick hardware update can help everything feel like new. Pick out pieces that will compliment, but update, your existing design.

Bring in Nature

Changing your design with the seasons is a great way to make sure your home feels fresh and updated. Add new flower arrangements and potted plants throughout your home. This helps brighten up the space for spring and has many added health benefits as well.

You don’t need to redo your entire home for an update. While large remodels and moving into a new house in St. George is fun and exciting, sometimes you just need to change things a little bit. A few new accessories and changes in lighting can help a space feel like new.


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