Desert Landscaping Tips for St. George Residents

Posted by on Wednesday, May 24th, 2017 at 2:25pm.

As we approach summer, it's important to consider landscaping for the heat. The hot, dry climate creates a unique situation for growing vegetation and creating a welcoming yard. Use these tips to grow your St. George garden.

Choose the right plants

Research what plants will work well in the summer heat. Buy seeds that are meant for the desert and plants that can withstand the climate. Plant flowers that are native to the area like autumn sage and columbine. Different types of cacti can also add the look and charm you want. Use this article to help you pick some vegetation for your yard.

Treat the soil

Desert soil is tough and sandy. If you want to plant a vegetable garden or or other vegetation, you’ll need to lay down the proper soil. Your local gardening store can help you find the best option. Also use mulch on top of the soil, as it can help contain moisture. You can purchase mulch or create your own from compost.

Creative irrigation

One of the most important things to consider when landscaping in St. George is water conservation. Running your sprinklers too much or too often is not an environmentally friendly or cost friendly solution. Consider drip irrigation to water your vegetables more efficiently. Also develop a watering schedule that doesn't over-water or under-water your plants.

Building shade

Consider how much direct sunlight is hitting your plants during the day. Too much sunlight can dry up and burn your plants, but not enough can stunt their growth. Consider erecting a shade sail or plant taller, more resilient plants near smaller, vulnerable ones to block the sun’s more intense rays.

Install rocks and water formations

You can also focus on non-plant based landscaping options. Rock walls, water features, and stone or slate patios can create the same beauty with lower maintenance. You can even incorporate the red rock of the area for an extra pop.

The summer will be hot, but that doesn't mean you have to spend it all indoors. Use these tips to build your desert oasis in your own backyard.


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