Curbside Recycling Program Coming to Washington County

Posted by on Thursday, May 14th, 2015 at 7:09am.

Washington County is currently working on implementing a curbside recycling program. The county is working with Dixie Waste Services and local recycling centers to bring residents the new program. Through this program, Washington County residents will receive a recycling bin for their home that will be picked up on the curb like regularly trash bins.

The program could cost residents an additional $3-$4 a month. Many city governments are allowing an “opt-out” option if you do not want to participate in the program.

Washington County is still in the development stages and officials hope the program will be rolled out by the end of the year. Curbside recycling will take place of the “Binnie” program, where residents can bring their recycling to local bins in the areas.

The Spectrum interviewed St. George Mayor Jon Pike and reported that “For an increasingly urban community with a growing population of move-ins advocating for more recycling options, a curbside program seemed like a good way to show stewardship for the land and the environment while also adding life to the local landfill.”

Concerned about forcing costs on residents, some cities want to give locals a 60-90 day period to opt out of the program. To do so, residents need to call their city government officials after the program begins. Each city will have different rules about opting out, so talking to the city is the best way to learn the local options.

St. George houses and the surrounding areas are surrounded by ample land, but beginning a new landfill is expensive. A recycling program could help extend the life of the current landfill. Recycling is better for the environment and can save the city in landfill costs.

Washington County Solid Waste has a great list of recyclable materials on their website. The list will be more complete when a company is chosen to work with Washington County, but typically paper, aluminum, cardboard, and plastic containers #1-7 are acceptable.

If you live in Washington County, look for a recycling bin coming to your home soon. Separate recyclables out from other waste, and place the bins out on or curb the night before the trash is picked up. The city will take care of the rest!

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