As the weather becomes even warmer, you’re finally looking to create the ultimate outdoor living space for your home. 

Creating an outdoor living space you can escape to as your own private oasis is truly an exciting thing to be able to do when you’re a homeowner, especially when you live somewhere as beautiful as Utah. 

From lighting to decor, the right furniture to even the more technical things such as how to keep those pesky bugs at bay when you’re trying to relax with a nice book by the pool, we’ve got you covered on some great ideas for creating the perfect outdoor living space. 

Following these simple steps to really spruce up the look of your outdoor living space will make all the difference in falling in love with your home all over again as well as wanting to entertain guests at yours. 

Light It Up 

It’s unbelievable the difference lighting can make to a home, both on the interior and exterior. Think about it, how different would certain rooms in your home look if it wasn’t for the lighting in them?

You can choose between anything from gorgeous floor lamps with the flame on the inside, however you can get temperature controlled ones as Utah summer nights more than likely won’t need an extra source of heat where possible. 

From floor lamps to hanging lights such as hanging bulbs or fairy lights outside of the home or even from tree to tree if you happen to have them in your backyard. 

Lighting will truly make a world of difference as it will make the space much warmer (figuratively) and more inviting. 

Furniture Is Key 

It’s truly easy to forget the importance of just how much outdoor furniture can completely transform your living space. 

It’s not just lounge chairs or outdoor sofas, consider the difference the things you may not have even thought about could make.

Things like outdoor umbrellas to put over lounge chairs right by the pool may seem like nothing, however when the bright Utah sun is blaring down at you, you’ll be wishing you considered something to protect yourself besides sunscreen. 

Not to mention the fact that you should treat yourself when it comes to your outdoor living space. Think of your home as your sanctuary, why not turn it into your own getaway resort experience?

While pricier, things like hot tubs or gazebos truly turn your outdoor living space into a dream. Coming home from a long day to these furniture pieces will make it all worth it. 

Don’t Forget About Pests 

Utah is home to several outdoor critters infamously including mosquitoes hitting the top of the priority list. 

It’s not uncommon in the early hours as the sun rises and later in the evening as the sun sets for these pesky creatures to come out in full force, it’s not until later on after you’ve come in from being outside that you notice all of the bites.

Rather than constantly keeping bug repellant or some sort of cream on you, there are several options for keeping your outdoor living space a critter free zone. 

Besides some type of installed netting or other type of option to keep the bugs out fully from gazebo or even sun room type areas, there are ways that won’t even seem like they were meant for bugs in the first place. 

There are hanging lanterns, torch lights, and other beautifully decorative pendant lights meant to be hung or kept on the ground that simply look like they were decor pieces for your living space, yet will zap or take care of any nearby disturbance you don't’ want buzzing around.

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