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My dad lives up in the Ogden area, but he owns a condominium down here in St. George.  He visits often and spends most of the winter months down here in the sunshine away fro the snow.  He recently came to town and invited me to join him on an outing for ice cream.  We ended up at Rowley’s Red Barn in Washington.  I ordered a scoop of cold banana nut ice cream, on a hot day, and it was delicious.  Then I had a wonderful time walking around the Red Barn – Country Spoon Store – to see all the things they had to offer. 

They have jams and jellies, fruit concentrate, dried fruit, chocolate covered fruit, nuts and mixes, candy, popcorn, juice and gift baskets.  They also have a large selection of

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Trail Tuesday took me out to the Anasazi Valley Trail, or Tempi’po’op, which leads to some spectacular ruins and some of the most well preserved petroglyphs in St. George and the Southern Utah region.    The trail leads to an Anasazi Farmstead that is fenced in by wooden fencing.  The ruins are fascinating.   Tempi’po’op means “rock writing” in Paiute.  There are dozens and dozens of petroglyphs and they are right out in the open for visitors to enjoy.  They are beautiful to look at.  I spent about a half an hour just finding petroglyphs and probably only saw a fraction of those on the plateau.   I hope that visitors will continue to treat this area with respect so that these petroglyphs last for many generations to come.    


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If you are like me, you are probably anxious for the previous owner of your new piece of real estate to move out so you can get started on making your new house feel like your own. Before they move out you should consider the previous owners are experts on your new house, so be sure to take advantage of their knowledge while they are still around. Here are a few questions you might want to consider.

Where are the circuit breaker, sump pump, and other things located?

These are the type of things you usually forget are in the house until you need them. When you first have an issue with the electricity in the house, you’ll want to quickly locate the circuit breaker. The first time there is heavy rain, you’ll want to quickly make sure your sump pump

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The World Horseshoe Pitching Championships return to Utah for the 15th time.  The championships take place July 17-29, at the Dixie Convention Center.  No other state has hosted this even as many times as the state of Utah.   

The National Horseshoe Pitching Association posts pages and pages of playing rules, guidelines and specifications for the sport of horseshoe pitching.   There are innings, rotations, court assignments, preparation of the pit and painting of the stakes.  I like that the rules talk about the horseshoe in terms like:  Value of the Shoe, Pitched Shoes, LiveShoe, DeadShoe, Shoes in Count, Shoe out of Count, Delivery of Shoes, Spare Shoes, Wrong Shoe, Moving the Shoe,  Broken Shoes and Cracked Shoes. 

The St. George News (July

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I have been visiting St. George for a few decades.  I recently purchased a new home and now I live here.  I have never been to the Black Bear Diner until now.  There are numerous locations all over the western United States, but the restaurant here in St. George is the only one in Southern Utah.  I saw several families waiting to eat at this restaurant and decided to try the place out.  I was not disappointed. 

The restaurant offers several menus:

  •          Breakfast
  •          Lunch
  •          Dinner
  •          Dessert
  •          Cubs (Children’s Menu)

We visited the restaurant for an early dinner and the place was not too crowded.  They offer huge portions of things like chicken fried steak, wild Alaska salmon, chicken

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According to new population estimates released by the US Census Bureau, the Utah population of seniors (65 and older) is growing fast as the baby boomer generation continues to age. In Southern Utah, the growing senior population is especially visible.

Southern Utah’s sunny and warm climate is especially attractive to retired seniors, which is expected to be one of the reasons Southern Utah has seen a greater increase in seniors. According to the Census Bureau’s recent report, in Washington County alone, the median age has increased from 32.5 in 2010 to 36.9 in 2016.

The baby boomers just started turning 65 in 2011, so seniors will continue to be an ever-growing population across the United States and in Southern Utah.  

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Go back millions of years…when dinosaurs ruled the world.  The St. George Dinosaur Site at Johnson Farm houses “exceptionally well-preserved dinosaur tracks, fossil fish and plants, rare dinosaur remains, invertebrates traces and important sedimentary structures.”  It is amazing to know that this site is described by paleontologists as “one of the ten best dinosaur tract sites in the world.”  It was pretty incredible to visit the dinosaur discovery site and see everything they have found on this site in St. George, Utah.

The Dinosaur Discovery Site discovered Early Jurassic lakeside tracks from thousands of primarily carnivorous dinosaurs that were roaming the shoreline in search of food.  Sandstone has locked in and preserved the details of the

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It was fun to explore the Virgin River Trail that follows the Virgin River valley through the city of St. George for Trail Tuesday this week.  The point that we began exploring is referred to as the Man O' War Trailhead. The trail has great views of the river, the desert, homes, trees, flowers, rocks, rabbits, lizards and birds.  A hawk flew by, landed several feet from us and then began calling out.  We got up early to beat the heat and started our hike at about 7:30 am.  There were several people biking this trail and a few of us on foot.  We passed by the Bloomington Country Club where there were golfers practicing their swings.  The trail near the golf range is covered with nets, so you feel very safe.   There were a few places along the

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A month ago my husband and I moved into a new home in southern Utah. When the movers were gone, we were left feeling overwhelmed by a living room full of boxes. The first night was uncomfortable—I felt like I was in a stranger’s house, we didn’t know where any of our things were, and it just didn’t feel like home yet. I took to the experts and learned a few things about how to turn your new house into a comfortable home.

Stock up on the essentials

Being able to grab a gallon of milk in the fridge or a paper towel from the kitchen when you need it will help you feel like you live there. Go to the store the day you move in and get all the little things you like to have on hand—cleaning supplies, food staples, condiments, and toiletries.

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Join the City of St. George for the 2017 Independence Day Celebration on Tuesday, July 4, 2017, from 6:30 am – 11:00 pm. 

Independence Day Parade

This fun parade will start at 7:45 am.  The Parade will go down Tabernacle Street toward Town Square.  After the parade, join your city neighbors for the singing of the National Anthem at Town Square, followed by a day filled with fun and games. 

Independence Day Celebration Carnival

The City of St. George has joined forces with Carnival Midway Attractions to offer a carnival with 16 different rides and 10 games.  The Carnival goes from June 30th - July 4th, but it is closed on Monday, July 3rd.   You can buy individual tickets, a mega pass or a wristband. 

        Carnival pricing

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