It’s well known just how sweltering hot those Utah summers can feel, especially with the sun beaming down most of the time. 

As much as this is in benefit of a beautiful summer from the sunny skies, there’s no doubt that many get tired of the scorching hot weather as they try to enjoy a nice day out doing summer activities with family and friends. 

This doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of amazing, exciting activities to take part in that will give you a break from the sun and allow you to cool off from the desert heat. 

We’ve listed just a few of many great options for excitement to do with the entire family when you just want something fun, but cool.

Cool Off With Utah Lakes And Beaches

This may seem counterproductive to staying out of the…

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So you’re looking to potentially sell your home. As exciting as this next step in your life may be, you’re also more than likely brimming with questions.

With all of the questions you may have from anywhere between what the process is like looking into buying a home and selling one, things to look out for when selling, when a good time to sell is, and much more - you aren’t alone in all of the questions you have.

The tricky part is finding the right answers to these questions. Yes, there are countless forums and articles on suggested solutions, but the truth is that real estate and buying and selling is just not as simple as we would love for it to be. 

There just isn’t a one answer fits all since markets are dynamic, homes range in what they…

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As the weather becomes even warmer, you’re finally looking to create the ultimate outdoor living space for your home. 

Creating an outdoor living space you can escape to as your own private oasis is truly an exciting thing to be able to do when you’re a homeowner, especially when you live somewhere as beautiful as Utah. 

From lighting to decor, the right furniture to even the more technical things such as how to keep those pesky bugs at bay when you’re trying to relax with a nice book by the pool, we’ve got you covered on some great ideas for creating the perfect outdoor living space. 

Following these simple steps to really spruce up the look of your outdoor living space will make all the difference in falling in love with your home all over…

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So you may be taking a look at the real estate market and thinking to yourself whether it’s finally time to sell your home, but you’re feeling doubtful. 

Selling your home may seem exciting as you get to go house hunting for the new home of your dreams and finally see how much the home you’ve loved and lived in for years is now worth. 

However, selling your home can be just as intimidating as it is exciting. You may be wondering whether or not it will even be worth anything, or whether you can find a home that’s better. 

We all have that attachment to our home that we’ve had for years, what could possibly replace that?

Or maybe you’re even taking a look at your neighbors who you’ve lived next to for years, you’ve even seen their kids grow up…

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So you’ve just moved to Entrada at Snow Canyon Country Club in Southern Utah. 

Surrounded by beautifully orange and red lava flows and canyons only 10 minutes northwest of downtown St. George - you’re never at a loss of what to do with the entire family. 

Imagine a day out in Entrada: you start off by waking up in one of the elegant, luxury homes situated in a stunning, master-planned community with implemented Frank Lloyd Wright style in the homes to gorgeous, panoramic views of the Red Mountain. 

Life in the exclusive Entrada at Snow Canyon offers you esteemed benefits rarely found in other communities. 

The Finest Exclusivity Has To Offer 

Starting with the exclusive Entrada at Snow Canyon which has 6 different levels of membership…

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While it’s well known that Southern Utah has an absolutely mesmerizing landscape and beautiful homes anyone would dream of living in - what about its gorgeous neighborhoods? 

Elim Valley is truly no exception. A master-planned community boasting a European-inspired atmosphere and luxurious homes makes for one of the best communities right near the widely loved city of St. George.  

A Place You Can Call Home

A largely, newly developed community built according to the new urbanism school where accessibility and neighborhoods are emphasized through front porches. 

With an attention to outdoor detail that developers have carefully kept families in mind with - it would be a pleasure to settle down in this newly developed desert oasis. 


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A southwest nature preserve distinguished by stunningly steep red cliffs. With Zion Canyon Scenic Drive cutting through its main section, this beautiful park leads to lush forest trails right along the Virgin River. 

Zion is made up of absolute heaven formed on a crimson red rock - 15 miles long and nearing 3,000 feet of depth in some areas, this is a park of true beauty hard to find anywhere else. 

Be Prepared for the Adventure 

Keeping in mind ideal times to hike and adventure in Zion and choosing the best places to go can truly help you make the most out of your once in a lifetime experience. 

For instance, the crowds may seem fierce - however Zion National Park should be experienced when the sun is shining and the weather is nice and warm…

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The proximity to the beautiful St. George and booming growth the area of Little Valley has received in recent years leaves no doubts to be had as to why this gorgeous community is so highly sought after.

The charming, small town feel that this stunning, family-friendly neighborhood brings to the table simply cannot be overlooked. Although the reasons to move to Little Valley situated in a cozy corny of St. George appears to be endless - today we’ll be covering just a few of the very best.

Perfect for the Kids

While Little Valley has been growing at explosive speeds for a small community, what hasn’t changed is its warmth and dedication to having the perfect community amenities suited to offering the best and most active lifestyle for your kids. 

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Entrada at Snow Canyon Country Club is a gorgeous 850-acre development located in southwestern Utah just a few miles northwest of St. George. Incorporating a lush and expertly designed golf course, and near to a range of amenities, this community is a beautiful addition to the local landscape, tucked beneath the cliffs and bluffs of the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area and overlooking a broad valley accentuated with ancient lava flows and beautiful communities all the way to the Santa Clara River.

Entrada weaves these elements together in a community that offers spacious luxury homes in a natural setting with amazing amenities, for a lifestyle that encourages comfort and balance.

The Homes of Entrada

The Entrada community includes a range of…

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You’ve heard of master-planned communities, and Desert Color is one of the latest communities of this type located just outside of St. George. Spanning an impressive 3,350-acre lot, Desert Color will continue to grow and expand for years to come.

What Makes Desert Color Unique?

Water conservation is at the forefront

Every aspect of the community has been planned and developed to minimize and conserve water usage. From the decision to include more ponds and bodies of water over parks with turf to a dedicated well to provide water for irrigation so as not to deplete the drinking water Desert Color is leading the way with water conservation initiatives.

Property types for all lifestyles

If you want to be in the center of all the action you’ll…

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