Are you looking to spice up your home this summer with some exciting new designs, furniture, or more? Maybe even to set it up nicely for selling? 

Well, whether it’s to take advantage of the market and sell or for your own pleasure, so you can enjoy your home as it’s meant to be enjoyed, we’ve come up with some of the most popular interior design trends for summer 2022. 

Whether that’s from the paint work, or the furniture itself, possibly even just some extra decor you wouldn’t expect, or unique finishes. 

We’ve decided on 4 essential interior designs trends to consider for summer 2022 that will revamp your home in ways you can’t even imagine. 

The Fresher, The Better

Consider the colors of your home now, the likelihood that the walls are painted some kind of neutral color is relatively high, right?

Well, why not do something you’ve never done before and try out some completely new colors. 

Fresh, bright colors are always loved in the summer. Imagine sunset or sunrise colors, but maybe softer. 

You don’t have to go all out on bright reds, oranges, or even yellows. Think about the tones that work well and complement each other in your home. Maybe even get a friend or professional designer’s opinion. 

Accent Walls

Along the lines of a new paint job, accent walls are a great approach to brightening up your home in ways you could never imagine. 

You could go full on out and have a solid colored wall vastly different from the rest, or you could create a more subtle effect with lighter colors. Potentially even a design that seamlessly fits in with the rest of the home, but is different enough to stand out.

Accent walls are what’s in. With many deciding to even create something of a feature wall of their design, a coffee or wine bar, or even some kind of statue or standout furniture piece. 

Indoors Or Outdoors?

A popular trend for interior design in the summer is blending the use of indoor living with the atmosphere of the outdoors and nature. 

This could mean something as simple as incorporating more green decor into your home like furniture or small accessories to be placed on tables and desks. 

More importantly, what is widely loved and growing in popularity is the use of plants lining the home. 

Many love to step foot into their home and breathe in the air shared by a home brimming with greenery from plants, flowers, and more. 

This could be anything from large, standing plants to hanging plants, even just tabletop plants, and much more. 

Open-Concept Living

Now, open-concept homes and living spaces has been increasing in popularity for years now. Take a look at your home and consider if there are any spaces you could adjust to make more room for open-concept living. 

Whether this simply means more seamlessly integrating the kitchen and living room space for what is already open, or something more drastic, this is a must-do.

Even if it seems extreme, something like knocking down a wall, so you have more space to blend your home together more seamlessly will make a world of difference. 

Open-concept living spaces are more in touch with a modern home, allowing for free flowing space and more welcoming for friends and family to move around with fluidity. 

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