Katy Stephens

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Katy Stephens

Katy has lived in Southern Utah most of her life. She loves traveling and visiting other places, but she loves to come back to the beautiful desert she calls home. Living in a fast-growing city and being around construction most of her life, Katy has always been drawn to the real estate market.

After receiving her Bachelor's degree from Dixie State University in Web Design & Development, she worked on the marketing team for a local tech company for over 4 years. She loved the experience and knowledge she inquired there, but she wanted to find a more fulfilling career and socialize with people more.

Becoming a real estate agent has allowed Katy the opportunity to grow relationships with clients and assist them with their real estate needs, while at the same time sharing her passion for Southern Utah! She recently joined the Ellis Group and is so excited to be working with such an experienced team that ranks so high in customer satisfaction.

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Office Phone 435-359-7194
Cellphone 435-668-5140

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