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Golfing in St. George, Utah: Come to Play and Stay!

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 at 4:21pm. 4187 Views, 0 Comments.

Golfing in St. George, Utah: Come to Play and Stay!

A.A. Milne, an author best known for creating the Winnie the Pooh stories, once explained, “Golf is so popular simply because it is the best game in the world at which to be bad.” Whether you are
only just beginning to swing a nine iron, a retired pro or just a person puttering around somewhere in between, in St. George, Utah, you are certain to find plenty of golf courses to practice and play on.

Long hailed as a stunning golf community, residents of Washington County, Utah, can enjoy the game of golf year round, all set against one of the most beautiful red rock backdrops in the world. The temperate climate and the abundance of space have quickly made St. George home to some of the…

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Big City Culture & Small Town Hospitality

Monday, February 4th, 2013 at 3:23pm. 1364 Views, 0 Comments.

Big City Culture & Small Town Hospitality

When considering moving to a smaller community, some people fear the lack of culture and arts that might be available for entertainment and enjoyment. However, there is no need for such fear if you are thinking about relocating to St. George, Utah.

The stunning desert landscape of this Southern Utah area lends itself nicely to the arts, and because of this many organizations, theaters, galleries, concert series, readings series and artisans call St.
George, Utah home.

Before contemplating any homes for sale in any area, it is important to know more about the local community and culture. While St. George may be a smaller community, there are far too many cultural and artistic aspects to discuss in a single…

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A Lifetime of Adventure

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 at 7:12pm. 528 Views, 0 Comments.

A Lifetime of Adventure

Living in St. George, Utah, promises a life time of adventure for the outdoor enthusiast. Whether you love to hike, rock climb, 4WD, dirt-bike, mountain-bike, camp, backpack or simply take a drive through some beautiful country, you should certainly consider homes for sale in this area.

Called an “Outdoor Mecca” by many, St. George, Utah, and its surrounding lands, offers something for everyone. Located only an hour from both Bryce and Zion National Parks, when you live in St. George you truly live near some of our country’s most treasured lands.

Just North of St. George, Zion National Park offers breathtaking views of Zion and Kolob canyons. This beautiful valley promises gorgeous scenery and lots of…

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2013 Washington County Economic Summit

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013 at 6:21pm. 604 Views, 0 Comments.

The 2013 Washington County Economic Summit, also known as What’s Up Down South, took place this past week at the Dixie Center.  The overall census during the Summit is the economy in St. George, Utah is back.  2013 guarantees to be a year of increased growth as businesses continue to build new facilities, thus; creating more jobs and bringing more people to Washington County.  A few reasons businesses are looking at St. George to expand their businesses are its labor force and logistics.  The work force is educated and reliable.  St. George City is also centrally located to allow companies effective shipment of their product.  Businesses, such as Family Dollar, feel St. George and Washington County are “a great…

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Utah Named One of the Best Tax Climates for Businesses

Monday, November 12th, 2012 at 8:48pm. 2217 Views, 0 Comments.

Looking for some tax relief?  According to a study conducted by The Tax Foundation, Utah has one of the top 10 climates in the nation for businesses.  See the Tax Foundation's Report.

The report ranks States according to how business friendly they are, and has Utah ranked 3rd in the nation for property taxes, and 5th for corporate taxes - with an overall ranking of 10.  Utah's sales tax rate is ranked 22nd in the U.S.

Touting Utah's business-friendly atmosphere, Spencer P. Eccles, Executive Director of the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development, said "We’ve done a good job ensuring that we have a very business-friendly environment in the state of Utah and that’s attractive to companies...whether you’re…

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A Little Local Flavor

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012 at 8:46pm. 3136 Views, 0 Comments.

A Little Local Flavor

I’ve often heard people say that they really felt at home in a town once they knew where all the great local eateries were. If you are considering moving to St. George, Utah, discovering all of the wonderful cuisine this town boasts is sure to be one of the most delicious parts of your relocation process.

The dining and cultural scene is certainly something that anyone contemplating homes for sale in any area must think about. After all, you aren’t only thinking about moving into a new home, but you are considering becoming a part of a new community. It is important that you can enjoy and experience that community to the fullest. This is easy to do in St. George. This small, friendly Utah town is home to a wide…

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St. George Art Festival Fast Approaching

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012 at 8:48pm. 1411 Views, 0 Comments.

St. George Art FestivalSpring has finally arrived and St. George is getting ready for their annual Art Festival on April 6 & 7. Attracting over 30,000 people, this longstanding Easter weekend event is located outdoors in the beautiful Town Square, against a backdrop of fountains, landscaped gardens and antique carousel.

Dating back to 1980, this 32 year old event has something for everyone and features thousands of original works of art, live music, amazing food, and a creative children's area.

The Art

110 of the best quality artists who apply for the festival are chosen to display their work. You can expect a variety of painting mediums, sculpture, pottery, photography, woodworking and other surprises. There are cash prizes for the top entries, so the competition is…

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Welcome to

Monday, February 27th, 2012 at 11:24pm. 2090 Views, 0 Comments.

Tour Our New Online Home at!

sgutah.comWe decided it was time for a change and with that has come a brand new updated site, along with a new url - - formerly

The new site features state-of-the-art technology that will make searching your favorite Southern Utah listings a breeze. Let us take you for a tour:

Search the Utah MLS

This stand-by will allow you to create your own search of Utah MLS listings. Just as before, you can search by City, Community, Zip Code, or dozens of other criteria that will help you customize your results.

Receive Updated Listings

We know your time is valuable so we've devised a simple solution to help you save time and get a jump on the competition. Take a moment to Register…

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Starting A Business In St. George Utah

Friday, February 10th, 2012 at 7:07pm. 1006 Views, 0 Comments.

I think every American wishes at some point or another that they would have the ability to start their very own business. But this is not something that is always so cut and dry. There are so many different factors that will play part into the ability to start a business of your own, and one of these factors is the area that you live in.

There are so many areas around the country that simply would not be very wise to start a business in if you don’t have the money to back you up. You don’t want to start a business in an area that is highly competitive, it will end up costing you more that you might be able to afford.

If you have been wishing that you had the ability to start your own business than you should take a look into St George…

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Real Estate in St. George, Utah

Monday, January 9th, 2012 at 9:53pm. 777 Views, 0 Comments.

The real estate in St George is unique and gorgeous, with breathtaking views just about everywhere you look. St George is a small city in Utah. Just a few years ago this city was not well known, but today it is really getting alot of attention nationwide.

Affordable Housing

St. George Utah real estate market is the best in the nation, and it is definitely something that you want to look into. Over the past ten years this area has becoming increasingly more and more popular not just for the fact that you can without a doubt find a very affordable home, but also an area that has so many things to offer you.

The sheer fact that you have the ability to find a home that you can actually afford in an area that has everything to offer you is one of the…

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